Losing a loved one is never easy.

On September 27, 2017, my dear mother made her transition from her body.

My mother was the purest soul I’ve met in this lifetime. She was unconditional love beyond human understanding. Her only desire was to serve and do God’s work in all ways.

I was so close to her my entire life, but strangely in her passing even more so. I feel her everywhere now. It’s once she left her body that I understood who she really was now that her loving was no longer limited to a human form.

In the year she knew she was dying, I once asked her if she was afraid. She simply looked at me with unwavering conviction and kindness and said, “Not at all. I am not this body. The soul lives forever. I am ready for whatever God wants for my life.”

In her last months, I realized my mother’s true greatness was in her depth of surrender to the Divine.

My favorite memory (I have so many) was simply holding her in my arms one day, my heart bursting with love, looking her in the eyes, and sharing what a profound privilege it was to incarnate in this lifetime as her son, to have had the opportunity to be loved by her and know a soul as beautiful as her.

Grief is a natural process. Yet we have a tendency to suppress it and avoid feeling it. This only keeps you stuck in the pain.

We often think that if we feel the grief, it will last forever. Or that if we feel the grief, we will never survive. But no feelings last forever. All feelings when fully felt dissolve.

So give yourself full permission to feel the pain fully. It will break your heart open to a bigger dimension of love than you knew before.

Love is bigger than form.

When your loved one dies, the form of the relationship has indeed changed but that doesn’t mean the love is gone. Nor does it mean they are no longer with you.

They may no longer be with you in physical form, but the real essence of who they are is spirit. And their spirit is beyond form which you are always connected to. The real relationship that you have with them is an inner connection and not even death can take that away.

Grieve but don’t wallow in grief forever. Let them go with love and gratitude for the time that you did get to share together.

The best way that you can honor the life of your loved one who died isn’t in being miserable forever but living your life to the max without any regrets and loving as fully as possible. They are always smiling at you from the heavens.

Life is short my friends.

None of us know when that moment will come. So let those you love really know how much you REALLY love them.

The rest is just details.

Love is what matters.



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8 comments on “How To Deal With The Death of a Loved One

  1. sister rosemarie on

    thank you for sharing your mother and this beautiful message and your great faith and understanding of the Great Mystery in which we all live… Yes, Love, is at the center of it…Blessings

  2. Magdalena on

    Yes and yes. As each of my beloved’s left their bodies, I felt a blessing rain down from them that was so generous, so massive and bliss filled. You are absolutely right, it is now time to love and live all the way. It is honouring them to live joyously and with tender regard for me and for each and every soul that I see. Thank you for the ongoing truth bombs and energetic support. Transformation is rising from the marination!!!

  3. miracles writer on

    gosh – sad to hear that your mother passed last year.

    Your mother and father – look very much like my own mother and father in terms of similar physical racial diversity – so your mother’s passing, brings back my mother’s passing. You fortunately felt that your mother is now everywhere; whereas others may feel their mother is ‘gone’.

    Your family upbringing sounds much more healthy and balanced, such that your grief, and feeling of peace, may have been less intense or desperate than others, who experienced severe early parental attachment trauma due to parental abuse etc and are thus still trying to fill and heal that parental void, in their adulthood.

    Either way, your video is helpful for those whose grief over the loss of a beloved parent, is reflective of an unresolved parental early attachment trauma ‘wound’ and therefore grief of a parent’s death decades ago, though old, might still be current.

  4. Char on

    Awwwwww-sending you love, hugs & prayers. Now! Celebrating your mom’s beautiful spirit always being in your life! Your special bond is evident from the lovely pictures. Needed to hear this! Still struggling at times, my super soul sister (as I call her -there is also a song by that name), my soul mate, is in her new dimension as well (3.1.16), I praise God to still feel her presence and look forward to the eternal with she & our family’s other heavenlies. Until then, I am learning from you to be grateful for the moment & love it forward, thank you! You are so inspirational & amazing, am so excited about your podcast! You have become an important part of my spiritual growth! (led to you about a month ago) Keep on keeping on! (as my dad, all of our best friend, also a heavenly now, always encouraged/encourages in spirit)

  5. Chrystel Rogers on

    Thank you dear Kute, amazing message so true at all levels! I do love all your messages for years now! And we do need so much this kind of understanding nowdays!!! You are a very important person at this particular period in humanity! Much love to all of us! Sincerely!!! Chrystel Rogers


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