The secret to being interesting is simple: Stop focusing so much on yourself.

When you stop trying to be the most interesting person, and you become genuinely interested in others, you actually become more interesting.

The key to charisma is caring.

Much of our suffering happens because we get fixated on ourselves. It’s easy to get lost in your own emotions, thoughts, desires, wants and needs that we get so self-focused.

When you take the focus off of yourself and seek to add value, you in turn become more valuable to those around you.

So, get curious, ask questions, and allow yourself to truly care about people you meet.

In a world where everyone tends to be self-centered, rather than focusing on what you can get from them, feel into what you can give, and how you can serve their souls.

Be a blessing that adds value to everyone you meet.

People don’t care how much you know but how much you care.

When you care, you connect. People feel this connection and the connection is attractive.

All of us want to feel important. Yet more often than not we go through life feeling invisible and unappreciated.

This is a silent pain many of us carry.

When you show up and truly care, you make a difference in someone’s life.

It’s when you LOVE that you become the most interesting person around.

So LOVE big.



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3 comments on “How To Be The Most Interesting and Charismatic Person

  1. Randi on

    Hi Kute
    Always charismatic and Interesting. Wonderful as always …
    Thank you for your Kute Wisdom.
    Hope all is good and well with you!??
    Randi Luckman

  2. Seema on

    Hello Kute,

    My experience is that with these kind of friends, for whom when i am always available, caring and listening, they take it for granted and they are never available when I want to talk. And best part is I always attracted such friends who wants me to listen , and be available when they want and vanishes when I need to talk


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