You can’t change anyone else.

It’s not your job.

The only person that you have control of changing is yourself.

Change yourself first and everything in your life will begin to shift.

Spending your energy trying to change others is a waste of time and only leads to frustration.

Consider this:

Relationships are a mirror.

The people that you attract to you are mirror manifestations of yourself. You attract to you people that reflect to you the aspects of yourself that you most need to heal, love, integrate, and make peace with.

When you take responsibility for your part, you set yourself free.

So love those that challenge you the most, they are your greatest teachers.

They are simply angels disguised to remind you to love bigger.

Thank them.

And learn the lesson for which you attracted them into your life.

It’s so easy to point the finger in judgment and blame, insisting that they change. But when you do that, you simply disempower yourself and give your power away to them.

No one is worth your happiness and freedom, but it requires taking full responsibility for how you feel.

Here are some key questions:

  • What does this person mirror to me about myself?
  • What are they showing me about myself that I don’t want to see?
  • What do they mirror about me that I resist?

Don’t get me wrong, if someone does something that you don’t like or is abusive, by all means speak up, share your truth, set your boundaries. Be clear with the other person. This is your responsibility.

But you can’t MAKE them change. You don’t have that power. You can only communicate your needs and requests. And based on how they show up, decide how you want to participate or not.

You are ALWAYS at choice!!

Also, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own unique soul’s journey.

You may not understand it, and you may not agree with it.

It doesn’t really matter, it’s their soul’s journey.

If you really love a person allow them to learn the lessons that their soul is needing to learn from the situation they are in, and let them handle it. Give them space rather than interfering.

You can encourage, love and support, but you don’t serve their soul’s growth by doing for them what they need to do for themselves. This just makes them dependent.

You also don’t serve their soul’s journey or inspire them to change by judging them. This likely makes them more resistant to your input.

The best way to “change“ someone is to stop trying to change them.

Lead by your example.

Let your actions do the talking.

Let how you live each day be the message.

Then those around you will naturally be inspired by who you are being and how you live your life.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.



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2 comments on “How To Get People To Change [3 Keys]

  1. Zora on

    Wonderful advice! You are absolutely right – plain and simple, we must be the change we are seeking in others. It’s a toughie, because ego will always try to take control and “attack”, but with practice it becomes more like our true nature. 🙂

  2. Mira Al Zaabi on

    Your such a great soul..inspiring me always ur my idol.. the first journey when I found ur book and it was a life changing for me..I thank you from the bottom of my heart u shifted a big thing in me..made me understand my soul purpose and to connect with my inner self..ur video came on time like an answer from the added another growth in me..thank you and soon am sure I will apply to the life changing experience “liberation experience” with you can’t wait to meet you..thank you thank you thank you..


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