Those that are successful are willing to do the things they don’t feel like doing in order to get to where they want to get to.

Those that are unsuccessful aren’t willing to do the things they don’t want to and stay stuck where they don’t want to be.

Success requires commitment and dedication.

In order to be successful, you must get things done. And in order to get things done, you must be committed to doing what you said you were going to do long after the feeling or mood has passed.

Here’s the deal… When you have a project you are working on, you won’t always feel like taking action.

And that’s OK.

However, do NOT let your current mood determine your action. If you do so, you will not achieve your goals or your greatness.

Let your deeper commitment determine your actions. And make sure your purpose is bigger than your mood.

Your mood will pass.

Your mood is fleeting.

Your mood is temporary.

When you are growing and stretching beyond your comfort zone, resistance is a natural part of the process. So embrace it but don’t be controlled by it.

So what have you been resisting doing that you know you need to do?

It’s often the action steps that are the most challenging or we dislike that are the most productive. But we tend to do the things that we enjoy first and leave those that we hate doing until last. This sets you up to fail.

Instead, tackle the actions that you most dislike first, knowing that you are setting yourself up to win. In doing so, you build self respect, self trust, and inner confidence to take more actions.

So what have you been resisting doing that you know you need to do?

The time is now.



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2 comments on “The Secret Key To Success and Getting Things Done

  1. Zora on

    Thank you….this one was especially powerful and timely for me. When you include examples from your own life, and show how human you are…it’s extra inspirational, considering what you have accomplished. I think I just got some courage to walk my own talk, ie. be myself, be human, show others how to push past those barriers of vulnerability, ennui and even apathy, Thank you again for this, Kute. Much love and many blessings. 🙂

  2. Laura on

    I agree with Zora – thank you for saying how much you disliked writing (and I loved your book, especially the “Road to Nowhere” part!). Really helps me to take the steps necessary toward the goal regardless of how one is feeling about the task.

    Hugs and love to you for all you share with us. You are incredibly special. Laura


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