Don’t mistake being kind, loving and spiritual for allowing others to walk all over you or treat you with disrespect.

When you know who you really are, a magnificent expression of the Divine, you won’t allow yourself to be treated like anything less.

Focus on your spirit and protect your true essence.

People treat you how you teach them to treat you based on what you accept.

No one can continue to mistreat you unless you allow it. You are responsible for what you accept. Allowing people to treat you with disrespect serves no one.

In life and relationships you get what you settle for.

So what are you settling for?

You can’t control people’s actions, but you can control what you put up with, accept and how you choose to respond.

When you stand up for yourself, speak up and set your boundaries, this is an act of self-love and self-respect. In doing so, you are affirming to the Universe what you desire and deserve. Either those around you will understand and change their behavior accordingly, or they will no longer be in your life.

Sometimes we are afraid to speak up and take a stand for ourselves out of fear of losing those we love. We are afraid of making waves, not being liked, facing rejection.

Consider this: The friends that you lose when you love and respect yourself weren’t your real friends to begin with.

Friendship that’s based on anything less than respect is not self-loving. If you lose friends because you said “No”, then consider that you are simply clearing the way to make room for those that can truly respect you.

If you have to constantly tell someone the same thing over and over again and they don’t change, understand that they don’t respect you.

A true friend will encourage and respect the fact that you are honoring yourself and setting boundaries. A true friend will listen to what you have to say, sincerely take it to heart and do their best to honor your request.

If you betray yourself in order to make someone happy, they don’t really have your authentic friendship anyways.

Sacrificing your truth, integrity and essence to make someone happy is not love. You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Compassion must begin with you, and you don’t need to feel guilty for saying “No.” You can’t truly be of any good to others if you aren’t being good to yourself. It won’t be sustainable.

So take time to respect yourself by deeply feeling what your needs are and be honest with yourself, as well as communicate clearly with those around you.

Give up the false expectation that those in your life should be mind-readers and automatically know what you need. This will only make you resentful.

Communicating clearly with compassion what works for you and what doesn’t work is an act of self-respect and honoring yourself. Don’t wait until you have reached your limit, do so in the moment of feeling something is not right. When you do so, you not only respect yourself but those around you.

Remember, people treat you how you teach them to treat you.

So how will you teach people to treat you?



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4 comments on “How To Honor and Respect Yourself

  1. Petra on

    Thank you Kute, good advice. Helps keep the Holidays in perspective. My cousin is un happy with me. I said NO to driving in a snowstorm to help her. She has all this clutter stuff she wants moved. It’s a 3 hour drive on a good day (one way). Safety First. If she does not have a clue? Not my problem.
    Hopefully I can turn her on to your words. She could use you wisdom & kindness.
    I got burned out in Malibu, & less than 1 year ago I was burned out of Ventura. Oh what a year it has been.


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