We all go through those moments when we feel like giving up.

Life can be challenging at times.

Perhaps you feel like you should be further along in life, or facing repeated failures in the pursuit of your dream and feeling like your goals aren’t manifesting quickly enough.

Remember that anything worthwhile takes patience, perseverance and effort.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. On the path of greatness, everyone is invited, but only a rare few have the courage and dedication to stay the full course and put in the consistent work it takes.

Greatness takes time.

And your patience will be rewarded.

In our culture today, we tend to want everything quickly. But in doing so, we often miss out on the necessary process it takes to develop a level of mastery.

Most people want the quick fix and immediate gratification. But in doing so, we don’t cultivate the skill and inner strength necessary to sustain success if you achieve it.

Time gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself on all levels, like Mandela did for 27 years in prison.

If you are going through tough times right now, remember that it is a season, and no season lasts forever. Even your most difficult time will pass.


Your challenges and seeming delays are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strengthen your character.

Your dreams chose you for a reason.

And your dream will take you on a journey of having to become the person who is capable of fulfilling the vision.

It’s often when things are challenging that we grow the most. So trust that you wouldn’t be going through the difficult situation if you weren’t ready or capable of handling it.

If you feel as though you have done everything you know how to do, and things still aren’t working the way you wanted or as quickly as you had hoped, practice patience.

Sometimes not getting what you want when you want it is God’s blessing.

Delays aren’t God’s denials, just opportunities to deepen your commitment and preparation.

Trust that life is working on your behalf, even if you can’t see it.

Sometimes when you force things to happen in a certain timeframe, not only do you not enjoy the process, but you move yourself out of the flow.

Everything has a rhythm and season.

Use the time you have, wherever you are, to prepare yourself. So that when your opportunity comes, you are ready.

The journey is the reward.

Every moment is the destination.

There’s no where to get to but here.



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4 comments on “How To Harness The Power of Patience

  1. Hilda Belmont on

    Thank you Kute for putting into words 2 of the lessons I recently learned:
    First and most important, enjoy the journey, no matter where you are and where you want to be, enjoy every single moment, do not wait until you get there to feel grateful, happy, joyful, to help others
    Second, when things are not happening, ask yourself: Is this what I really want?
    So powerful
    Love from Mexico!


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