Abundance is not about what you have, it’s about how you feel about what you have.

… And how you feel about who you are.

You see it’s not about what you have or not, but your relationship with ALL of it.

Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t make you abundant.

Money is material. It comes and goes.

Real abundance includes but is also beyond the material, it is a state of consciousness.

Abundance is your Being.

The more you access who you really are, the more you experience the abundance of your BEING.

Your being is one with everything and the source of life. Connect to that which you are, and you tap into an inexhaustible stream of energy beyond yourself. There is no lack there.

There is no scarcity in the INFINITE.

You can have the world but if you don’t have you, the REAL YOU, you are poor.

If you have millions of dollars but you live gripped in fear of losing it, you are poor.

If you accumulate masses of wealth but are too afraid to share it, you are poor.

If you are so attached to the things you own that they in turn own you, and you live in fear, you are poor.

If you have everything but don’t appreciate and enjoy what you have, and life’s simple miracles, you are poor.

There is nothing wrong with having money and enjoying things. Don’t think that poverty is some high spiritual virtue.

Money is simply energy and a form of exchange that allows you to facilitate various experiences in life on the earth plane.

When you truly realize that everything material that you accumulate is transitory, then it frees you up to be able to let it go, to use it, share it, experience it but not attach to it.

Then you can be free to have it or not have it. When the external things no longer define you, then you are free.

And in this freedom is a profound abundance.

You are abundant whether you have millions in the bank or pennies.

The real question is: How do you feel about yourself?

How do YOU feel about YOU?

Loving yourself is real abundance. It’s not something you can purchase but comes from recognizing your innate worth and value just because you ARE.

Take a look within yourself and your life and feel the amazing blessings that you have and that you are.

We are so very blessed.

So whether you have a lot or a little, ask yourself…

Can I let my heart be open to this moment’s surprise, meeting it with wide-eyed, child-like curiosity?

Can I celebrate all that I AM and all that I AM not?

Can I give everything for love regardless of no guarantees or the outcome?

Can I allow myself to be happy for no reason whatsoever, celebrating the privilege of being alive?

THIS is living abundance.

You are infinite.

You are love.

You are freedom.

Abundance is your birthright.

It’s what you are.



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6 comments on “3 Keys To Activating The Flow of Money and Abundance

  1. Angelic on

    Beautiful I’m in the hospital room with my son my entire life right now is in full thrown chaos but some how I feel grateful I feel very sad that my sons organs are deteriorating but at the same time is a bit of happiness that the hospital is clean the lakefront is his view from his room…. gratefulness & abundance is here within me and all around me… by no means am I not sad and heartbroken for my son … yet somehow I’m choosing to look at the blessings no matter how small

    • Alexandra DB on

      Light and Love, Ease and grace for your family. May the blessings abound for you and yours for the Highest good. 🙏🏻✨🦋

  2. Patricia on

    I enjoyed this video. It reminds of the book written by Eric Butterworth, “In the flow” which I am reading now. I had to stop looking at the world and what it has taken from me through the evilness of others and realize I am responsible for me. I want to be and walk in the flow of abundance because I am worthy.

  3. Butterfly Kissd on

    Wooooooow, this message hit home for me & I’ve realized that I have held back on many impulses to give. Energetically working against myself. This message is beYOUtifully received & I am grateful for the universe allowing me the ears to really hear and feel what she has been placing right in front of me.

  4. Vichelle on

    I agree completely with your accessment. You are your wealth and your wealth is you.
    I feel rich all the time even though financially I am still not where i want to be. I know that I will get to where I want to be financially in due time. But, I am happy and grateful right now in my current existence.
    Thanks for sharing.


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