…… It’s sometimes hard to see you are in a toxic relationship when you are in it.

We get so invested and often can’t see clearly as we are clouded by our conditioning.

Some signs of a toxic relationship are more obvious, like mental, emotional, verbal or financial abuse, but some are much more subtle.

So here are a few signs of a toxic relationship:

  • You are constantly bringing out the worst parts of each other.
  • There is a lot of passive aggressive behavior rather than real communication.
  • Excessive jealousy, control and possessiveness.
  • Constantly criticizing the other.
  • You don’t feel you can be your real self out of fear of the other’s reactions.
  • Disrespecting your partner, their opinions, requests, worth.

Just because you are in a toxic relationship doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over or couldn’t work, if both of you are willing to acknowledge the current state of affairs, be honest, take individual responsibility and do the healing work necessary to shift the relationship.

Relationship is a profound path of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

We come together in relationship with another for our evolution and growth.

The people you attract are simply mirror manifestations in that moment in time that reflect who you are.

The romantic partners and friends that you attract to you reflect your current level of consciousness.

You attracted them into your life because at that time, you were a vibrational match and you had certain lessons to teach each other.

When you understand the real purpose of relationship, then you also understand that inevitably your issues are likely to come up in the relationship in order to be healed.

You are both human beings with “stuff”. And toxic patterns may come up as an opportunity to heal.

It’s not about IF but HOW you deal with and work through those issues that make the difference.

It is giving you a powerful opportunity to take a deeper look at yourself.

There are several important things to seriously consider:

You must consider if you both deeply love each other, and if you still feel the authentic connection and desire to continue staying together in order to serve each other’s growth and work through the issues that have come up.

Since you attracted each other to learn lessons, do you feel you are complete with the lessons?

Remember, all lessons are repeated until learned fully. If you don’t learn the lessons, you will likely attract the same dynamic in another relationship.

So if you are in a toxic relationship….

  1. Acknowledge it and be honest.
  2. Take full responsibility for your part.
  3. Communicate with your partner and create an intention together.
  4. Do your inner healing with total commitment.
  5. If you need to break up, honor yourself and your partner with love.

Remember: There is no relationship out there.

The real relationship is the relationship with yourself that manifests in the physical form of a person that you attract to you.

If you don’t like who you are attracting into your life or what you are attracting from your current partner, trying to change the other person is a recipe for major suffering and frustration.

Trying to control your partner to be a certain way in order for you to be happy is a big waste of time.

What you do have control over and can change is yourself.

As YOU change, then so will the people that you attract and are attracted to.

As you change, so will your way of being in a relationship.



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4 comments on “How To Identify and End A Toxic Relationship and Be Free

  1. Patricia on

    I enjoyed this. Sometimes we are afraid to be alone with ourselves, but this is necessary for growth and reflection. Without it, we are destined to repeat the same pattern of behavior. Accepting responsibility is an in ward journey.

  2. Denita on

    Sobering to see that there are times I’m actually the toxic one in my relationship. I choose to honor myself going forward, and let things naturally evolve. Great video!


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