2 comments on “What To Do When People Are Hurtful Towards You

  1. Natalya on

    Watched and listerned for 5 times. And still feel I need to watched it through more and more. Catching each single word and trying to fix it inside my conscious. Thank You Kute for speaking and expressing my thoughts that I always have in my mind. I knew this truth, always knew this, but felt no one feel the same. Finally someone speaks the truth I always felt. Just You expressed it much more deeper and wrap it in right words. Thank You.
    This is very moment I need to hear it. This is the very moment I needed to be remind about it.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You <3

  2. Patricia on

    This is like a “sermon on the mount.” Un-forgiveness exposes the depth of pain long after the situation has passed. So in reference to turning the other check, I like what I once was told my soul could receive, “turn in a different direction.” I am a witness, there are pains in life only God can intercede to give relief, renewed hope, and vision.


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