There are certain moments in life when you know that you need to have a difficult conversation and share a deeper truth.

Difficult conversations require more of you. They require that you dig within yourself and access a part of you that might have been dormant.

It’s not always easy sharing the truth of how you really feel with another. But it’s essential if you are to grow, be fulfilled and have real relationships.

Honest communication frees you and frees the other. When you withhold, it creates a blockage in your relationship and deeper intimacy is blocked.

We often hold back having difficult conversations because we are afraid of how others will respond and the resulting conflict.

Or we are afraid to cause harm to someone we love.

Or we fear the end of our relationship.

If your relationship ends as result of a difficult conversation, likely it wasn’t truly aligned anyways. Your honesty simply brought to the surface that you were no longer a vibrational match.

So, what difficult conversation do you need to have?

And with whom?

Whatever it is, it’s OK to acknowledge your fear. By acknowledging it, you can deal with it and move through it.

Some keys that will help you have a difficult conversation:

1. Connect to your heart – Before you have your difficult conversation, take a moment to connect to your heart. It can be easy to contract, disconnect and shut down as a way to protect yourself from possible rejection. But then your communication will likely come across more inauthentically.

2. Share your intention –  Before you begin expressing your difficult communication, share your intention for communicating. Being on the receiving end of difficult truths can be tough. So rather than just launching in with your most difficult truths, take a moment to share the “Why” you are sharing. Likely you are sharing because the relationship is important enough to you. You love the person and want to have a great relationship with them. So the intention of the communication is to serve a better relationship.

Just knowing this can put the other person at ease and off the defensive. This will help them be more open to what you have to say.

3. Speak your complete truth authentically – Firstly, make sure you are clear about what you really want to express and express it all. Do not withhold. There’s a tendency to share part of our truth and not go all the way, in order to avoid conflict. Your responsibility is to communicate your feelings, with love, compassion and ownership. When conflict still remains, it usually means there is an even deeper truth that still needs to be communicated.

4. Communicate without attachment to the response – When you share your difficult truth, simply communicate to communicate. You are communicating not to get a specific response but for your own integrity and sense of freedom. Those you share with may agree, understand or not. What is important is that you were true to yourself.

Ultimately, the truth serves everyone, even it doesn’t seem that way at first. By speaking your truth, you honor yourself as well as the other person.

The truth is the greatest gift you could give yourself or another.

A difficult conversation is simply a beautiful opportunity for a breakthrough to more love.

Make more love.



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  1. Patricia on

    Mad respect Kute, some people don’t care about. There are people who know exactly what they said and did, but they won’t you to forget. And if you do you do, if you don’t remember nobody’s perfect.


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