If you want to serve the planet, just start.

Stop seeking big ways to be of service to the planet and postponing.

Instead just start where you are with what you have.

Nothing needs to be any different.
No waiting for a special moment.
Or a special sign.

If you want to really serve, just look around. All around you are so many opportunities to reach out and serve.

Start with those around you. It takes the same amount of energy to be kind as it takes to be unkind. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s free.

Each moment you return hate with kindness, fear with love, you are doing your small part in making the planet a better place.

Your parents. Your family members. Co-workers, person that upsets you in traffic, your ex, etc.

They are all opportunities to love fully and stretch into the next level of yourself.



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2 comments on “How To Make A Difference

  1. Danielle on

    Thank you Kute! It’s always always ALWAYS about healing ourselves first period end of story.
    There are SO many paths to healing available in this day and age. We are blessed to be alive now.
    I love you Kute! You remind us all of core truths! Love and Light to You and all reading this!
    Here’s a few ways to heal many of them free:
    Keep a journal. Express freely within its pages.
    Walk in nature weekly.
    Mirror work as taught by Louise Hay
    EFT emotional freedom technique
    EMDR for PTSD (which isn’t just for veterans and war country survivors, includes trauma survivors)
    Body work- many types of massage. Touch can be cathartic with a trusted healer.
    Making boundaries with those in your life. Also rooting out those that you are not in right relationship with.


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