If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.

If you want to receive big, you must dare to ask big.

But sometimes you might ask and still not receive.

There is an art to asking for help and what you want.

In order to manifest your dream or vision, you will need other people’s support. No one did anything great alone.

It takes real courage to ask for help.

Pretending you don’t need it is a sure sign of weakness.

When you are truly strong, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not weakness, rather it is strength.

It takes a strong person to acknowledge they need help.

It takes an even stronger one to ask for it.

It takes a yet stronger one to accept and receive it.

It’s often easier at times to be the one giving to others rather than the one receiving. To receive requires that you open your heart and let someone into it. To receive is to allow someone to touch you deeply.

Here are 4 simple keys to remember:

  1. Be clear and focused about what you want and are asking for. And articulate it clearly so it’s understood by all.
  2. Get clear on your motivation and WHY you want what you are asking for. People are more likely to want to help you and support you if they are clear on your authentic purpose for asking.
  3. Don’t just seek to simply take from the person you are making a request. Seek to add some reciprocal value to their lives. They are busy people and likely there are many people that want something from them. Be a contribution rather than a burden.
  4. Let go of attachment. When you ask, it may often not come from the person you think it was going to come from. So drop your attachment to who, where, and how your support should come. Simply allow yourself to be open and available to the infinite Grace of the Universe.

When you ask for help, you are also giving others a gift. In receiving, you are giving. When you refuse help, you rob others the blessing of opening their hearts in giving to you.

The giving and receiving are a part of the same cycle.

The entire universe is giving to you each moment. Air is giving you life. Nature is giving you beauty. The sun is giving you light and warmth.

So how much love are you willing to open your heart and allow yourself to receive?

The universe is seeking to support you.

Dare to ask for help, rather than silently suffering, thinking those around you should be psychic and know what you need. This is the victim’s way.

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

Ask big.



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4 comments on “The 4 Keys To Asking For What You Want

  1. Oriana on

    It’s very important for change in my life, I learn with you every day, I ‘m a Peruvian woman and I would like improve my life, it change I need .
    Oriana !
    PD. Sorry about my english..

  2. Enkhee Zonorov on

    Dear Kute,
    Thank you so much for your inspirational videos as I am now truly willing to ask Universe to manifest its Glorious Creation in my life with the interdependent connection network of our authentic harmonious relationship!
    I always consider myself an accomplished Yogini, and Meditation guidance. I have always wanted to be an authentic healer of Humanity as since my early childhood I have been seeing the endless suffering, endless conflicts, endless confusion, the endless chaos throughout the world. This is why I have a burning desire to be a genuine leader of the world who is capable of bringing about a truly radical transformation into humanity.
    At this point, I have realized that I can not do it by myself. So let me repeat what you said because it has really resonated with my heart ” Life is an interdependent connection network of relationship. So You are absolutely right. I need your generous support, and you need my help too because I have something extremely valuable to your life. In order to manifest the greatest of all possibilities for the sake of the Earth, for the sake of the well-being of 7.5 billion humanity, we need to be correlative. I am absolutely clear that the very reason for my birth was to serve humanity into Intelligent Loving Compassionate …harmonious human being who has the ability to make a significant difference whoever comes in touch…I do hope that you really can feel that I am genuinely coming directly from the abundance of my organic, and raw origin within myself and let me absolutely clear with it.
    I am really looking forward to receiving your kind support to manifest my wildest passion to make a peaceful Humanity for generations to come with my immeasurable humble gratitude,
    Be the warmth of the sun,

  3. Patricia on

    Thank you, I agree we never fulfill our destiny alone. I am learning this as I grow. I am also aware to be careful who I accept help from. Desperation can lead to a negative decision. This is wear trust God comes into play.


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