Worry is a waste of time.

It changes nothing.

Most of the things you are worrying about now, you won’t remember in a few years.

Stop focusing on the small stuff that you won’t even remember a week from now, and certainly not on your death bed.

Life gives you no refunds for the time you spent worrying.

What you focus on expands, so focus on what is truly important and meaningful to you. Decide to constantly feed what is beautiful about yourself and your life rather than what isn’t.

The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your attention. And this is your choice.

By trying to furiously control life, you often end up controlled by it.


Stop worrying and overthinking everything. Slow down and really savor every second, especially the seemingly ordinary moments of life.

Stop worrying about what people think about you. What they think about you reflects more about them than it does about you. You have no control over people’s opinions of you.

Stop living your life in the future. The only guarantee you really have is this very moment. And it’s the actions that you take now that will determine your future.

There are so many challenges going on in the world. The world doesn’t need your worry, drama, or sensationalist thinking.

However, it does need your courageous compassion, disciplined love in action, and solution-focused intention.

Don’t use world events or events in your life as an excuse to indulge in negativity, rather use all that is going on as a radical call to action and invitation to step up into living what Life is clearly asking you to BE.

So ask yourself: Is how you are thinking and living your life a contribution to humanity or is it perpetuating fear and separation?

You do make a difference.

And how you live has an impact.

Who are you committed to being?



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