Ultimately being a powerful communicator is simple but not always easy.

Say what you really mean.

Ask for what you honestly want.

Take responsibility for how you feel.

Speak with love and kindness.

Your ability to communicate powerfully will determine the quality of your life.

Communication is the foundation for a fulfilling life.

Yet, it can be so hard to understand another and to be understood. So much pain, heartbreak, conflict is caused by miscommunication.

So why is it so difficult?

We often hold back our authentic feelings and sharing who we really are because we are afraid of not being loved.

We are afraid of rejection. 

We end up saying what we think others want to hear, or telling partial truths and then feeling resentful or frustrated.

Make peace with the fact that not everybody will like or approve of you.

The more you accept yourself as you are, the less you seek validation from outside, and the more free you will be to communicate your truth powerfully.

When you have something to communicate with another, here are some simple keys:

  1. Connect with your heart and become present in the moment.
  2. Get clear on your intention and outcome.
  3. Express your intention for communicating with the other person first.
  4. Share your heartfelt truth with compassion, and love.
  5. Check in and clarify that the other person understood your communication.
  6. Let go and surrender the outcome.

In your hands lies great power to impact lives with what you say or don’t.

With your communication, you are shaping your future and that of generations to come.

Your communication will live on long after you are gone, so be wise in what you say.

What impact do you want to have on others?

Embrace your power.



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