Your children are gifts from the Universe.

As parents, you have the most important job in the world. You have the profound privilege to impact and guide another soul.

The goal isn’t to make them into the image that you think they should be. But to provide the space and environment for them to become their most authentic selves.

Remember that your children are souls and have their own lessons that they need to learn in this lifetime. You don’t determine their lessons, but you do get to love them unconditionally regardless of what they may go through and prepare them to be able to face life challenges.

Loving your children unconditionally is the greatest gift you can give them. When they don’t have to be what they think you want, they are free to be themselves.

Love your kids for who they are, which is whole, perfect and complete, not for what they do or achieve. This will give them the innate sense of feeling worthy and lovable just as they are, which leads to a foundational sense of self-esteem.

Another gift you can give your children is to affirm and see who they really are. They are souls, sparks of the Divine.

Unfortunately, they live in a world that is constantly conditioning them from their true nature and reminding them of who they are not. So as children living in the world, we slowly forget who we really are. Then we begin to act in accordance to the false sense we have been conditioned to being.

So remind them of who they really are, so that when they are in your presence and look into your eyes, they see you SEEING their essence. The more you affirm their wholeness and intrinsic worth, the more healthier they are.

As you see and affirm their goodness, the more you bring it out of them.

Your children are so connected to you. And in them, you will have to face aspects of yourself that are unresolved.

Your kids will often act out your own unresolved issues. As you recognize this and take responsibility for healing yourself, you are more able to relate with them in a way that is effective and loving rather than reactive.

Parenting them becomes a profound opportunity for your soul’s evolution.

Your own evolution and inner freedom impacts your children greatly. The more you resolve your inner issues, the freer you are. And the freer you are, the more you can provide an unconditionally loving space for them to be themselves fully.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is being a healthy and happy YOU!!

So as a parent (or parent to be), what do you need to heal within yourself?

Your child’s future depends on it. And so does the future of the world.



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