At the end of your life you take nothing with you.

No money.

No gold.

No relationship.

No real estate.

No clothes.


Except for the evolution of your SOUL.

We often measure success in our culture by what we DO, what we accumulate, what we drive, and what we wear.

All superficial status symbols that have nothing to do with who you REALLY are.


Who are you Being?

What did you contribute?

How much are you growing each day?

How much are you loving moment?

We often  think, “I will be happy when…”

What’s on your “I will be happy when…” list?

The media keeps the masses hypnotized. First, it distracts you. Then disconnects you from yourself. Creates irrational desires within you. Designed to keep you docile. And thus alseep in dream.  It sells you the lie, “You are not enough”. It tries to keeps us in a constant state of survival and thus in a state of stress. As a result we spend so much time running around trying to fulfill a dream we have been sold. This game of survival means we have no time to get in touch with our Infinite nature.

There is a reservoir of riches within you. The more you tap into the riches inside the more you are free. The more truly powerful you become.

At some point you might fulfill every desire you can imagine. But then you will surely reach a point of dissatisfaction.

How many cars can you drive?

How much food can you eat?

How much sex can you have?

How many outfits can you wear?

The moment you hit a point of dissatisfaction is the beginning of growth. You have outgrown old things that you thought brought you fulfillment.

If material things were going to make you happy then we would be the happiest generation in human history. True riches are not material. You can have everything, yet still be poor inside.

You are poor when you are not growing. You are poor when you cannot give or receive love. You are poor when you cannot see your own beauty. You are poor when you are dependent on external things to validate you. You are poor when you are stuck in narcissism. You are poor when you waste your time on petty resentments and gossip. You are poor when live in fear. You are poor when you live in the future and miss the beauty of this moment.

At some point in life, beyond theory, you realize that you will die.

Accept it. Face it. Embrace it.

Then you ask yourself. “If I am going to die and I don’t know when, then how am I going to truly live my life in a way that is meaningful, now?”

How do you want to live?

It takes courage to really live. It takes courage to really live with your heart, body, mind and soul wide open.

You can live your life by taking from the world. Or you can realize no matter what you take you cannot take any of it with you. Then you wake up to what you are here to give and who you are becoming in the process of life itself.

When you die. No iphone. No ipad. No Gucci. No Mercedes. No big house.

Just you.

Who are you becoming?


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9 comments on “All Of Us Die. Few Truly Live. Will You Be One Of the Few?

  1. Linda on

    Love this, Kute! What a great perspective, and terrific reminder. Thank you.
    It really puts things in perspective, right? Incredible!!!! xx

  2. Teri Jo on

    I just want to jump through this screen and hug you brother! You are in league with the infinite and I Thank you for all your truth-talking and walking! MUAW!

  3. Abi O on

    Great perspective Kute, been asking myself such questions lately! Thanks for the expose`. Now I’m convinced I truly want to live life to the fullest, so @ death I will be totally empty. Keep up the good work Kute. More Grace

  4. unity on

    oh my gosh I luve this.. this is so true.. And we are so amazing and have so much to give …YES!!! What a gift of privilege we have to “BE” who we really are in consciousness as well as in eternal source.. WOW!! What is truely the greatest gift of all is the gift to be so privileged to experience who we really are.. inside and out.. YES!!!

  5. Paul on

    Aloha Kute, mahalo for the constant inspiration! This really confirms a book I recently completed. Keep up the Light!! Many are noticing. aloha

  6. Cathy on

    Thanks for saying it like it is, Kute! This should be front page reading, top story news, and go viral on the internet. And in all this, it takes courage to learn how to Love one another…not just guess at it. Regards.


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