Are you ready to strip……….. down to your SOUL?

Your greatest growth lies outside of your comfort zone.




Yet, we often get cozily comfortable and stuck inside. Whether it’s that unsatisfying relationship. The job that’s unfulfilling. The same daily routine. Or the way you view yourself.

Where have you become comfortable?

Playing it safe will never lead to the life of your dreams, only a slow death filled with regrets.

You only live as you once. Your next life is not guaranteed. Just NOW is.

The danger is when you get comfortable with your comfort. So comfortable with misery and suffering that breaking free and actually finding happiness becomes scary.

The ego craves safety and the known. The ego is constantly seeking but never wanting to truly find.

Your real growth lies outside the known.

When you hold onto living in the known, then you are dead. You stop responding to the moment but living the past. No longer fully alive. It’s when you leave your comfort zone that your life truly begins.

– Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it is right for who you are now.

– Just because you have been in relationship a certain way for 10 years doesn’t mean it works today.

– Just because you have been at the same job 20 years, doesn’t mean you need to stay.

– Just because you have convinced yourself that you are a certain type of person doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in that role forever.

– Just because you made your bed a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to keep lying in it.

You can remake yourself at any moment.

Any moment.

There comes a time when the most courageous thing for you to do is to let go of who you have known yourself to be, and allow a new YOU to emerge.

It can often seem scary since from childhood we create an identity and hold onto it firmly. Then go through our lives living this way. We become set in our ways.

It takes courage to let go of your old stories, and throw out the old tapes playing in your mind. It takes courage to let go of who you think you were up until now.

This is why I ask: Are you ready to strip… down to your SOUL?

To take off the false identities, belief systems, perceptions, you may be wearing that covers up your REAL SELF.

You are way bigger than who you can even imagine yourself to be. Your mind is barely touching the tip of your Infinity.

Your mind will try to give you all sorts of logical reasons as to why to stay inside your comfort zone, and why to stay the same.

1- Fear of getting hurt.
2- Fear of failure.
3- Fear of actually succeeding and the responsibility it brings.
4- Fear of the unknown.
5- What will people think? etc.

If you observe the mind, much of it is the same old story repeated over and over again.

You are not your mind.

If you listen to everything your mind tells you, you will not reach your full potential. Next time your mind tries to steal your joy, and convince you of your limitations, simply say to it, “Hey pal, just chill. Have you noticed that you say the same “sh%t” every time, and THIS time I am not buying it!”

The media tries to hypnotize you to believe that you are a limited being, keeping you stuck in a game of constant survival. The real adventure of life is to go beyond the comfort zone of your ego, personality, story, and self.

The real courage is to own your true identity.

Bottom line: You are Divine.

And always have been, even when you forgot.

And you always will Be.

Pretty simple.

So, are you ready to Strip… down to your SOUL?

It is time to get NAKED.

It is time to get REAL.

It is time for you to let your SOUL to SHINE!



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5 comments on “Are you ready to STRIP…… down to your SOUL?

  1. Flower Jayne on

    Hey Kute, I love your message!! Not sure if you need the background music as your voice speaks from your soul and thats the best music possibly. Flower x

  2. Gordon on

    Awesome Love Master K! Amazing just had this conversation last week about being authentic, but soulfully authentic or conditioned u authentic? Love the groove of your vid. Keep rockin it brother.
    Grandmaster G


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