Each and every one of us have the power to make a difference.

We are powerful beyond measure.

You may not be able to change your spouse. Your parents. Your friends. Or your boss.

But what you can change is yourself.

This is the ultimate power. The ability to change you.

By changing yourself you will have an impact on those around you. By changing yourself you change your world, and in doing making a difference.

In order to truly lead others you must first be able to lead yourself.

This is the power that no one can take from you. This is what you are in control of.

Part of owning your power is to take full responsibility for YOUR life. Sometimes trying to get another person or thing to change seems easier, as it diverts the attention away from what you most need to change in yourself.

Responsibility can be a scary thing at times. Once you own this, there are no longer any excuses. Victimhood is no longer an option.

If you want to do your part in making a difference on the planet. Start by taking inventory. Take an honest look at your life, and acknowledge where you are not living in alignment. Be truthful about where you are not living in integrity. Also, acknowledge the patterns, addictions, behaviors, that no longer serve you and stop you from being your highest self.

Perhaps it’s an addiction to a drug, an unhealthy pattern, such as drama, lying, manipulating, fear, or critical self judgement. Or to an abusive relationship. Perhaps your house is a mess, or your finances.

What is it that you need to shift?  What is it that you need to let go of? What is it that you need to embrace more of and love about you? What is it in yourself or your life that you have the power to change?

You may not be able to change what is outside, but you can definetly change what is inside yourself. You may not be president of your country, but you are president of your life.

It is great to protest for peace in the streets. But let us remember to bring peace and compassion to the dark places we despise within ourselves. It is great to clean up the environment, but let us also clean up our consciousness, and our toxic thoughts.

1- Be truly committed.
2- Be honest.
3- Take full responsibilty for what you can change in you.
4- Bring awareness to your patterns.
5- Take action
6- Be compassionate along the way.

Know this: When you transform yourself, you do your part in transforming the planet. Each awakening, each time you forgive, each time you choose authenticity, each toxic pattern you let go of, each time you are more honest has an impact on the planet.

The world that we see and experience is simply a reflection of the collective consciousness of us all combined.  The world is you.You are the world. So as we evolve, the planet evolves in an interrelated evolutionary process.

You are a revolutionary. You do make a difference.

Occupy your SELF. Occupy your SOUL. Occupy Your LIFE.

Occupy NOW!



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13 comments on “Occupy Your SELF. Occupy Your Soul. Occupy Your Life. Occupy Now.

  1. Mandy on

    I really like the title of this blog…occupy Yourself..It made me realize that I need to not run away from myself but stay and fix things I know I can fix

  2. Gyan Wells on

    thank you Kute for your video blog of the Occupy LA event; I am a large format printer in Santa Cruz, CA and this week I have been making up banners, posters, signs and decals and T-shirts for the Santa Cruz event (my way of participating); I am also making up a complete set of material for both the SF and Oakland events and the Sacramento event also…You inspirited me into doing another poster with “Occupy Your SELF…Occupy Now” slogan…which I will deliver to the Occupy SF and Oakland, and Sacramento events this weekend…love…Gyan the Grateful

  3. Flower Jayne on

    Well Kute, I watched your blog and my feelings were of excitement and “yes I can” and over some hours they turned to jealousy, anger and tension and yes im pissed off feeling!

    So I decided to get out of bed and watched it again!!! 🙂

  4. Lisa on

    Wow – great stuff. A lot of how I have been thinking but you have put it so passionately and eloquently. Amazing stuff.

    One of the reasons that I have not become innvolved with the OCCUPY movements in Australia is because of how at odds some of the incidences from this have made me feel. People are protesting and rebelling and there is violence going on with the police dragging people out of Melbourne. But heres the things – it has been quite peaceful in Brisbane – so perhaps some reflections of inner world in the outer.

    Anyway I have not gone down and joined in as such even though I agree with the concept. I don’t want to protest I want to transform and have known so so deeply that the changes need to happen within me and that is what I am proactively doing and being. So when I saw your video entitled OCCUPY yourself!!! this struck a massive chord with me. It is not that I am not joining in I am just doing it slightly differently by simply OCCUPYING my SELF – I don’t feel the need to rush to brisbane city and join in the protest but I stand by all of us everyone of us by entering my own heart !!!

    love it
    thank you so much

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