Do you have real authentic integrity?

Authentic integrity exists in the now.

Not yesterday.

Not tomorrow.

But right now.

Whenever you make a commitment, it is true for you at that particular moment in time. However, as you grow and evolve, you are no longer the same person that you were when you first made the commitment. As a result the commitment might no longer hold true for you based on who you are today.

Who you are is a constantly changing and evolving experience. The gift and the challenge is to keep finding out who you are moment to moment.

Yet we often live inside of commitments that we made years ago that may no longer be true now. The danger is when we spend our lives trying to fit ourselves into a box that no longer feels deeply true.

This is a prison.

It’s like trying to eat food you made 2 weeks ago, and even though it may have spoiled you are determined to eat it today because you made it.

Real integrity takes courage. It is to feel most deeply and truly who you are today, and what your deepest truth is now. And living that truth as honestly as you possibly can moment to moment in all areas of your life.

Living restricted by a commitment you made yesterday that no longer is true today only leads to suffering and stifles your true aliveness.

Now this is not an excuse to be flaky or wishy washy.

It is not an excuse to not honor your commitments simply because you are in certain mood. Authentic integrity is a deeper level of feeling beyond your fleeting momentary mood. You might not be in the mood to do something but if you made a commitment to something meaningful, important and true to who you are then the opportunity and challenge for you is to stretch yourself to step forward and follow through.

Sometimes when you make a commitment, your resistances may come up later, even though you know the commitment is for your highest growth. This may require perseverance and intention beyond your current mood.

Where are you out of real authentic integrity?

-Perhaps you are working a job for years that is draining all of your aliveness, but you stay out if a sense of fear or duty.

-Or, you are staying in a relationship that is no longer right for you, but you stay because you made a commitment 15 years ago. You stay out of obligation rather than true choice or love.

-Or perhaps you are stuck playing a role in your life that is exhausting, and you are miserable doing it. But you continue the limiting role out of fear. Everyone knows you as this role and it has become how you get love and approval.

What is it for you?

Living in a prison of a commitment you made yesterday that is no longer your deepest truth today is a sure way to live dead.

Authentic integrity leads to real aliveness.

Living authentic integrity takes real courage. The courage to let go of who you have been. The courage to make new decisions that might shake up your life and that of those around you. The courage to tell the truth to yourself about where you are at today and what you feel most deeply. Then the courage to live that,  speak that, and to walk that.

Many of us settle. Many of us feel the truth inside but are too afraid to listen and act. Many of us distract ourselves from feeling what we really feel.

Feel most deeply who you are and what’s true for you now. Live the in the center of this moment.  It might seem a little scary at first. But what’s scarier is to come to the end of your life and to realize that you never really lived your life at all. Or that you lived someone else’s.

When you live authentic integrity, then each moment becomes an adventure. When you are living your hearts deepest truth now, there is no boredom. Boredom is because you stopped living the now. You are living yesterdays version of yourself, rather than today’s heartfelt surprise.

Inquiry: Take a look at the decisions and commitments you made in all areas of your life.

Question: Ask yourself if those commitements still hold true for you today?

Reality: Be honest.Tell the truth to yourself.

Action: If some have changed, renegotiate your old commitments with yourself and those around you so they match who you are today.

Recommit: Commit to living the truth of who you are and your new commitments fully now.

Awareness: Stay awake and aware as you evolve, in tune with the moment.

Remember: Authentic integrity is in the now.

Dive deeply into it.

I dare you.



P.S. I would love to hear what stirred for you and any reflections on your own life as a result of this blog in the comments below.

10 comments on “Do you have the integrity to let go of who you were in the past and Live Now?

  1. Tanya MacIntyre on

    I don’t think integrity changes with time, if you have integrity.

    Integrity that commits doesn’t (or shouldn’t) really change, either.

    There is a lot to be said for “living in the NOW,” and it’s important to keep moving forward in life without too much reflection or regret on the past. However, it’s also imperative that we don’t use the concept of living in the now as a cop-out for simply not wanting to fulfil our commitments.

  2. Meredith on

    I couldn’t agree with Tanya more… However, I feel there are times in life (I have been there) that if you are not living your truth but instead living a slow painful death… it is only fair to set a situation or person free so their need or desire can be fulfilled fully by someone else in a way that you can no longer fill. Being true to yourself is being true to others. Nothing lasts forever… And to admit this and then step out in faith can be the most courageous act of love… even if you are ridiculed or called selfish for it. Regardless, the only truth for me is my truth and the only truth for you is yours…
    Shine on! :):):)

  3. Linda on

    I have a question : What if you are a mum and that you don’t feel like looking after your child anymore ? what if you prefer doing other stuff than this, more and more, but you can’t pay anybody to look after him ?

    I totally agree with what you wrote in this article, but for me it seems harder when it concerns relationships with children. So I’m interested in what you think about this subject.

  4. Eddy on

    Hi Kute, I appreciate your posts and follow your blog…you’re right on with what you’re putting out in the world. Thank you and keep it up. I want to address Linda’s concerns…I agree it is harder to live with integrity when we are parents. Yet ultimately, we owe it to our children to live as our authentic selves. Nevertheless, part of being a parent requires us to take responsibility for the choice we made in having that child. We do not have an option of growing tired of our children. If you are experiencing some burnout then you must find balance in some ways that will ease the burnout. Take time for meditation. Exercise. Take care of yourself spiritually. At times taking care of a child can seem like forever…but it isn’t. Commit to your child and yourself as his caretaker. Down the road you may make a new commitment.

  5. Agnes32502 on

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