When “Shit” happens, turn it into fertilizer!
Shit does happen.

It is unavoidable.

This is part of life.

But you are the gardener and what you do with the “shit” that happens it makes all the difference.

The challenges of life simply make you grow, and provides the natural friction that cause you to evolve.

When shit happens in your life, you can turn it into an opportunity, and use it to fertilize the soil of your life to grow beautiful roses.

Or you can go into judgement and victimhood, which will only stink up your backyard.

You choose.

How you see a situation will determine the reality that you experience in that moment. How you see the situation determines how you handle it, and how you handle it impacts your outcome.

Things happen in life that you cannot predict or control.

But, what happens isn’t nearly as important as how you choose to experience and interpret it.

In this sense you create your reality. You create the reality you choose to experience at any given moment.

So why not create a reality that empowers you?

Your minds capacity to understand and see the totality of a situation is often limited.

When something happens that makes no sense in your life. It is easy to go into fear, judgement, anger, resistance, confusion. But this simply keeps you spinning and does nothing to change the situation.

We often only see one part of the puzzle, or one scene of the movie. And from that perspective things might not make sense.

When Gandhi was put in prison rather than being angry and feeling like a victim he asked for some materials. Whilst in prison he made a pair of sandals.

When he came out of prison, before he left he asked for the person in charge. When they met, he presented the sandals he had made as a gift to the very man that put him in prison.

He was stunned. Gandhi’s point was powerfully made.

He chose to see his situation as an opportunity to promote peace and to love more, rather than retaliate in vengance and anger.

How you deal with the things that happen to you will determine how much freedom you experience.

Anyone can deal with life when everything goes your way, but the real test is when things don’t go the way you expect or want.

A pessimist sees difficulty in opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity even in the midst of difficulty. Choose what empowers you the most.

So when faced with a challenging situation that you might not understand:

1-Breathe. Connect with the present moment.

2-Step back from the situation, and take a look at the situation you are in from a broader perspective.

-What can I learn in this situation? What is my lesson?
-How can I grow and use this for my souls evolution?
-How will I look back on this in the future and say it is the best thing to happen to me?
-What do I need to shift in my life that is out of alignment?

4-Take the action needed to bring yourself and the situation into balance. Do your part.

5-Release and let go of the outcome.

6-Trust the intelligence of life to work out the details.

Life has an intelligence that is way beyond the intelligence of our limited minds. The more you are willing to trust that, the more free you will be

No matter what might be going on for you, use every experience you find yourself in for your growth and learning.

Ultimately in the game of life, the only thing that matters and that you get to keep is the evolution of your Soul.

Everything. Everything. Everything, is in service to that. Sometimes we forget and get caught up in the drama of life’s movie.

When all is said and done and the game is over. The question becomes:
“How much did you grow in this school of life?

How much did you evolve and realize your true nature?

To the degree you did is to the degree you were a success.

Imagine had Mandela never gone to prison?

Imagine had Oprah never gone through her challenging childhood?

So when you find “shit” happening in your life.


Step back.

And use it to fertilze the soil of your life.


P.S. I would love to hear how you turned a challenging situation in your life around, in the comments below.


13 comments on “When “shit” happens, turn it into fertilizer!!!… Change your Perspective. Change your life!

  1. Lisa on

    Love it, Holly!

    And I love the messages Kute. I still have such a hard time with the implementation of these ideas, though. Perhaps the alternative has not shown itself yet? I try to change my perspective on my seemingly impossible situation and I’m just not seeing a solution right now. I worry and struggle with it every waking moment.

    Keep the love coming, it gives me hope!

  2. Alisa on

    Thank you for this reminder. Step 4 is a very needed reminder for myself
    Take action. Do your part. Currently, I’m being treated unfairly on a class. That is, teacher has favorites and simply doesn’t remember me, so I don’t get to work in class as much as others. It frustrates me. But reading this I realize, I gotta do my part and ask to be treated fairly and go then let go. Can’t huff and puff and complain about the shit and hope it would miraculously turn into fertilizer. Gotta do some work.

  3. Jane Su-Ming Lai on

    Hi Kute,
    Met you at Ubud Aura yesterday, we did go to Simeren with our lovely driver Dewa, yes it is still v rural n picturesque!
    I m looking forward to your you tube in January keep in touch,
    Love n light, Mingxx

  4. Flower Jayne on

    Would love to live life fully and have you as a friend!! Dont know why but you always make me smile and laugh when you talk 🙂


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