The most powerful time management tool you will ever need!

Life is short.

Each moment is precious.

When it’s gone its gone.

You can make your money back, You can buy material possessions.

But not  your time.

How do you want to live each moment?

This really hit me many years ago as I sat in the back of an indian taxi speeding down a country road in the Andhra Pradesh wilderness, at close to 115 mph. As I dozed off waiting to arrive at my destination, I looked up only to see a huge truck the size of a whale heading straight into our taxi.

This was not good.

In a matter of seconds everything turned slow motion, and I had one of those moments you hear so much about. My entire life flashed in front of me, including the images of those I loved,  and the regrets I had sat in my heart like a heavy weight.

I was sure I was going to die.  My destiny seemed certain.

I had often wondered how I would face death when that moment actually came. My moment had come. I closed my eyes, and strangely felt a deep calmness realizing there was nothing more I could do in that moment. I had lived a good life.

I prepared myself to meet my maker.

Then all of a sudden I felt the car spin around full circle and come to a screeching halt. Boom. I opened my eyes, and in a dazed state I was quite surprised to still be alive.

My life was never the same after that. It was like going through a death and the surrender that comes with it, only to find myself still alive.

We are all going to die.  You, me, Gandhi, Sai Baba, Mother Teresa, Hitler, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, your loved ones. All of us.

This is the bottom line. No one makes it out of this life alive.

The real question becomes “How are you going to live each moment of your life so that when that moment comes you will be ready with no regrets?”

Yet we often waste time on things that aren’t that important.

When you embrace death you embrace life. You embrace each moment as a precious opportunity to live fully and share your gifts with the world.

When you realize and fully accept that you will die, then you no longer waste time on trivial matters. For each second wasted is a piece of life that if forever gone.Each second becomes more precious that gold. It frees you up to get on with living your life in a way that you have no regrets.

When that moment comes in your life, much of what you stressed about, worried about, fretted about, screamed about, argued about, gossiped about, cried about, fought about, controlled about won’t really matter.

When that moment comes what will matter will be “Did you love those in your life as fully as possible? Did you give your gifts as deeply as possible? Did you become the most authentic expression of who you were meant to be in this life?”

If you find yourself wasting time, being unproductive, or unsure how to allocate your time, ask your self. “Is this how I would like to die?”

And if not, then rearrange your time, your activities, your relationships, your state of mind and emotions in such a way that you can say “Yes” no matter when that moment arrives.

The time is truly now.




P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts as to what is most meaningful to you in life!!!

11 comments on “The Most Powerful Time Management Tool You Will Ever Need!

  1. Eric on

    Hi Kute,
    I read and watch all your blogs since I was introduced to you (by a woman full of light who’s one of your admirers) and this is my first time commenting.
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU !
    Your post got me thinking of all the wrong moves I am making currently in my life – So much work , so many things to change, don’t really know where to start
    or actually I do know, just afraid to do it

    Thanks again

  2. Vishal on

    Awesome Kute. Thanks for sharing that powerful yet simple message. I have delved into many time management tools, books and programs. I am going to embrace my death and see where the “dance” takes me!

  3. Flower Jayne on

    Thanks Kute, felt knotted inside listening to you, I want to stop being afraid of being me and allow my expression to fully mainfest x

  4. Readingmindful on

    Wonderful! I knew exactly what you mean. I used to work in a hospice for cancer patients and had a lot of discussions about lived and unlived dreams with people about to die. Therefore, I have had a closer look at my own life (and death). Even more than before. I guess Scorpios have always delved in the deep ends, anyhow. I never had the feeling in my life, it would be a tagedy to die, even though I love my life and enjoy it. There are several things I still would like to do before this lifetime ends. However, the most important things to me, I have done already. Only one task, is ongoing and fills me with the greatest joy, even though it is very challenging and stressful at times as well: My three children (a boy and two girls, aged 12, 9 & 4). There are amyn things I cannot do now that sole responsibility for their lives rests on my shoulders. But nothing is a great sacrifice to me, because it is so much joy and fulfilment and love to raise them. They are all 3 Indigos and incredible human beings with awesome personalities. Right now – and for a few years to come – I live for my children. That’s my choice and my joy. LOVE!

  5. Gordon on

    Great vid and blog Love Master K. What is most meaningful to me in life is to learn and grow from all the challenges and joys it presents. This I can only truly appreciate by stepping outside of life and connecting to the One, to Spirit, to God. I especially appreciate the things in life that help me to feel this connection, like a beautiful sunset, the vast depths of the ocean, feeling a sword sing through the air, being one on a motorcycle. Seeing spirit move through others through their art, like music, painting, or motivational speaking like yourself, stirs that spirit in me. This joining of spirit and life, and life and spirit, is what stirs my body and soul.
    Peace, love, and blessings my friend 🙂


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