Happy new you

Happy new year

2011 is about to end.

2012 is about to begin.

What makes the year new isn’t the calendar, or change in date.

If you do the same thing over you will have the same fate.

It is a change in state of mind

Then you will find.

What makes the year new is YOU.

What’s going to be different in you this year.

What will you do more of this year?

What will you do less of this year.?

Who will love more this year?

Don’t let the fear stop you from shining your light.


As you go into 2012 let the past year go. No matter what happened. It is done. You cannot change it or bring it back.

We often hold onto things that no longer serve us because it’s comfortable. We get used to things the way they are. We get used to a relationship, jobs, people.

Holding onto what no longer serves you simply keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Holding onto old grudges, old resentments keeps you simply constipates your life.

Years will go by, opportunities will be missed.

Nothing and no one is worth your freedom. Each moment you hold onto negativity from the past you miss the opportunity to live the positivity  of this moment.

Don’t simply pray to God for help in the new year.

Let go of toxic energies and that which doesn’t serve you.

Don’t simply pray to God for mercy in new year.

Do something different than you have been doing.

The new year means nothing if you keep an old state of mind. The new year means nothing if you keep doing the same thing over and over.

The date changing means nothing to your fate changing if you don’t.

If you want your year to change, and be different, you must change and be different.

What must you change in you?

Be the Change you wish you see in your new year.

Happy New YOU!

Happy new year!

Love. Now

P.S. Tell me what changes you are committing to making in 2012. I would love to hear in the comments below.

10 comments on “Happy new YOU! Happy new year!!

  1. Jessica on

    Kute, this year I am committing to exercise mind, body and soul, to let go of the past, do not anticipate the future and live the now fully. Thank you for all you teach us, happiness and blessings.

  2. Flower Jayne on

    HAPPY NEW YEAR KUTE!!! I was laughing listening to you because your a buddle of love and my soul was singing and dancing!! Thank you for your support and guidance, in ways your not aware of but thank you!! You have been tremendous help, LOVE & SPARKLE, FLOWER x 🙂

  3. CLB on

    I’m committed to walking in my Divine Purpose more fully, confidently and faithfully. Thanks for all your inspiration in 2011 — wishing you abundant peace, love, joy, health and prosperity n 2012 and beyond! ~ CLB

  4. Idalia on

    You have really touch my heart,in the pass years. With all your videos and post. You are an amazing person and your one of a kind. Thanks for all the inspirational information you’ve provided.
    Happy New year!

  5. Cleveland Gehl on

    I love your blog.. excellent shades & design. Does a person layout this amazing site yourself and also do anyone hire someone to accomplish it in your case? Plz react when I!|m trying to style my own, personal blog site in addition to would want to recognize where u became this particular via. thanks a lot


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