People pleasing and playing small will kill you.

I believe it is one of the most dangerous killers in America today.

It will slowly kill your dreams, your spirit, your enthusiasm and your life.

It can rob you of full self expression and the fulfillment of your dreams in 2012.

Yet we continue to do it.

Sometimes we are aware and many times we are not.

Each time you compromise your hearts truth to get approval or validation, a part of you dies.

When you play small to be loved, you aren’t truly helping those around you.

What ways are you playing small in your life?

A first step to freedom is to acknowledge the truth of where you are at, with total compassion.

The bottom line: No matter what you do, not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree. Some people will have great things to say about you and some won’t.

Accept this up front.

Not everyone is going to like you, but what matters is do you like you. In those quiet moments, when no one is around. Can you feel a deep peace in your heart about what you are living and who you are being?

What use is it to have everyone’s love but not your own? What use is it that everyone like you but not you? What use is it to have the entire world but not yourself?

Playing small serves no one. It certainly doesn’t serve those you think you are playing small for. In fact it is a disservice to them. By playing small you hold others small. Then they are not forced to face their fears, insecurities and move beyond their limitations to realize their true strength. When you dare to authentically allow your light to shine, you reflect to others the magnificent potential that they also possess and challenge as well as inspire them to reach for that within themselves. Some will reach for it. Some will look at you and judge. Know that it isn’t about you. But regardless they have seen what is possible and it has planted a seed in their consciousness.

It is often said not to take the negative things that people say personally.  But equally, don’t take the positive things personally as well. When you hold onto the positive things people think and say about you, then the danger is that you begin to cling to their validation and live in a prison of their positive opinion.

So when you are able to let go of the positive as well as the negative that people say, then you are free to be yourself fully. No longer trying to get peoples validation. You unhook yourself and stand in a space of power that isn’t based on the externals. But a power that comes from within you.

Then your actions aren’t determined by the external factors. Instead, you live from your true center, and in doing so impact what’s around you rather than being at the effect.


Play Big in the most authentic way possible.

Playing small serves no one.

Playing big serves everyone.




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