The Liberation Experience: The India Intensive

Dear friend,

I am very excited to share a special never before seen video with you about my radical transformational journeys to India. You may have heard about it over the years.

I have never shared this video publicly before since it is new. And the invitation I am about to share with you is not for everyone.

But if it is for you. You will know without a shadow of a doubt.

There will be an undeniable calling in your heart. You will be deeply moved. Your soul will light up. And every cell in your body will resonate.

Trust it.

My earliest memories, as a 5 year old child was that of serving humanity. That fire has only burned more intensely. My vision is to serve humanity on a global level.  To reach the masses of the new generation, and inspire them to live their heart’s calling. With all of the world events that are going on, I feel more than ever that it is an urgent call to live and love fully-NOW.  It is time to live who we REALLY are.

Many years ago, I found myself travelling through India on a profoundly transformational journey. My life was never the same after that.

Years later, after becoming a renowned Transformational Life Coach having the privilege of transforming the lives of everyone ranging from: Billionaires, celebrities, mothers, rock stars, doctors, plumbers, sales people and more. I asked myself this question:

“What experience/process could I create that was beyond anything that was currently existing in the world of self-help or transformation?”

The result was the journey that I am about to share with you. Up until now I only invited a select few clients to participate in this experience.

Over the last 5 years, I have taken 15 individuals from all over the world through this radical and life altering journey.

I call it: The Liberation Experience: The India Intensive.

What is it?

It is a one of a kind, 14 day, 24/7, ONE ON ONE,  experiential, immersion process.  It is deep dive into the heart of existence itself. A wild freefall, where you will be coached, stretched, challenged and invited beyond all your limitations and fears.  I create and customize a process that will profoundly, alter the very foundation of your life, and who you have known yourself to be.

The result: FREEDOM.

The Liberation experience is designed to strip away the limiting layers of your conditioning and identity and set you free from the past. It is designed to reveal to you your original face- Who you were prior to this form.  As well as supporting you in living your life’s true purpose powerfully in the world.

I will take you to India. You will spend 14 days, ONE ON ONE with me.  At the airport I will take away your passport, and you will carry no money the entire trip. The only thing that you will have is one change of clothes, a journal, and a backpack. This is how the journey begins.

You will be thrown into the depths of the unknown. All the habitual things and patterns that you may have identified as yourself will be taken from you, so that you can see beyond who you have thought yourself to be.

You will face yourself, to find your SELF- The real YOU that has always been there all along.

I will take you to the poorest slums in the world. You will bathe in the Ganges river. You will ride on trains. You will meet real enlightened yogi’s. You will visit sacred temples, caves and mountains. All the while being challenged and put into the situations that may have collapsed the openness of your heart, and robbed you of freedom up until now.

Yet I will stretch you to open beyond your previous limitations. You will be taken to your edge and invited to see who the “you” is that lies beyond it all. Every step of the way, I will be guiding, coaching, facilitating and customizing processes that strip away any layers which might inhibit the full expression of your true Essence and power.  You will see, feel, and live the inherent freedom that has always been your nature.  It will be obvious. You will embody and live it freely.

This is my promise.

I have seen this happen for each person that has dared to do this journey.

The Liberation Experience is unlike anything I offer.

I truly believe it is unlike anything in the world.

It is my finest offering.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you feel called to live as big as Life is seeking to express through you.

If you feel a strong calling, and know that you are ready, the next step is to APPLY.

Then, I will personally interview you.

Since I only offer this journey 3 times each year (April, Oct, Dec). I cannot guarantee that everyone who wishes to will be able to do this, but after the interview it will be clear.

Here are the requirements to apply for this journey:

1.  You must be in relatively good health.

2.  You must feel a strong and undeniable calling for this journey.

3.  Be willing to stretch and immerse yourself 100%. Every moment of your journey during this time is part of the process.

4.  A sincere willingness to share all of yourself with total honesty, and vulnerability.

5.  A valid passport and ability to travel without restriction.

6.  A sincere intention to make a difference on the planet.

7.  Finances should not be a burden.

8. You must know that you are ready.

If you meet these requirements and feel ready, then apply by sending me an email. (

Your journey is destined. If you are meant to go you will know. Simple as that.

Now take an uninterrupted moment, turn up the volume, turn down the lights, and watch this special never before shared inspiring video about the journey:


Kute Blackson

P.S. Feel free to send this email and link to the video to anyone you feel it would be right for.

5 comments on “The Liberation Experience: The India Intensive

  1. Lora on

    My Dear Kute,
    I would like to apply again for this amazing experience.
    I feel so deep the call, that I made everything possible to come all the way from Bulgaria, just to see you again and feel your powerful energy. I don’t know why and how, but I really have to make it happen. I know that I have the power, but I don’t know how to use it. You teach me to love and surrender.
    Now I complete surrender And ask you to teach me how to make that happen. I commit from my soul And my heard.
    I am doing every day my small steps to make it happen. Please help me……
    Your Lora.


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