Are you ready?

The time has come to marry yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of your relationship with others.

There are so many books on relationships. How to get a man. How to keep a man. How to find your soulmate. How to be the best lover. How to make a woman fall in love with you.

But the most important relationship is with you.

You are the one that you have been seeking.

You can have the best lover in the world. But unless you have you you have nothing.

When you are connected to yourself, you have everything.

When you fall in love with yourself, you connect to a source of real fulfillment and joy that is powerful. You are full, no longer needing someone outside to love or validate you. Then you can go into relationships from a place of sharing the love that is already in your heart, rather than seeking love outside.

This will completely shift your relationships. No longer seeking to get someone outside of yourself to give you what you may not be giving your self. Trying to get someone outside of your self to love you in order to feel worthy or secure, is a sure recipe for suffering and insecurity.

How is your relationship with yourself?

Relationships are simply a dynamic mirror and you attract to yourself where you are at in consciousness. You attract to you at the level you are now. Relationships are an emotional feedback mechanism.  Thank the partner that shows up in your life, for they give you the gift to seeing yourself more clearly, and reveal to you where your growth lies.

So, you are constantly in relationship with yourself. Those that show up in your life, are an aspect, and mirror manifestation of you.

Do you like what you see? Do you like who you are in relationship with? Do you like who you are attracting?

If not, you must start with You.

This valentines day make a commitment to yourself, not in a superficial or narcisistic way, but a real heart commitment to your growth and evolution.

-Commit to being faithful with yourself even when it might be tempting to compromise and sell out your truth.

-Commit to listening to your feelings and honoring them even when it’s difficult and those in your life are pressuring you otherwise.

-Commit to being compassionate with yourself, and bringing love to the parts of you that most challenge you.

-Commit to showing up for yourself fully and following through on your commitments.

-Commit to nourishing your connection with your Soul, and spirit, in world that constantly tries to condition you.

If you aren’t going to love and accept you, then why should someone else?

So this Valentines day. Do it.

Even if you have a valentines.

Be your own valentines.

Marry yourself for real.

Will you?





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P.P.S. Tell me something you will do for yourself this Valentines day! I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


15 comments on “Will you marry me?

  1. Matt Naskrent, PCC on

    Thanks Kute for always sharing beautiful insights.
    Here’s what my minister(Mark Anthony Lord) at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago shared with us during service on Sunday…
    Sacred Vows to Yourself
    I, _____________, take myself, to be my best friend, lover and partner in life from this day forward.
    I will cherish this friendship.
    I will trust and honor myself first, before all others.
    I will speak kindly and lovingly about myself at all times.
    And when I forget, I will quickly and easily forgive.
    I will start over again & again…always happy to pick myself up when I fall.
    I will make sure to laugh often & hold myself tight when I need to cry.
    _____________, I will love you faithfully through whatever happens in life.
    Whatever may come … I will always be there.
    As I give you my hand to hold, so I give you my love to keep now and forevermore.

  2. Heather on

    Love that Matt!! Thanks for posting it.
    As always Kute, your work is an artery leading straight to the heart of what can and needs to change! Thank you for your light and guidance!

  3. Lisa on

    this valentines day i will continue to love honor and cherish myself in good times and bad! You are the best Kute and you share here so graciously the ultimate truth of love in relationships.. May all truly hear and live it <3… Much lovenow to you!

  4. Ramesh on

    Hi Kute,your blogs are really enlightening for everybody.Though me is pessimist in life due to the failures,I’d love to implement your words for the upliftment of my mind-set.Thanx for such a fantastic sharing.All my love & regards<

  5. Szilvia on

    I LOVE this message, it’s very powerful, thanks Kute! I’m sharing this with my list, it will enrich the program to be your own best friend. Simply perfect. Loving you.

  6. Sarah on

    I completely recommend marrying yourself – I did it last year with a good friend as a witness & have a wedding band on my right hand. I even had wedding jitters but remember thinking ‘if i can’t marry me or devote myself to me then how can i expect anyone else to?’ Have been super happy since 🙂

  7. Gary Drumm on

    Very nicely done, Kute. So often we forget that the most important person in our life is ourself. Committing to love ourself, to cherish ourself, and to forgive ourself gives us the power to truly love, cherish, and forgive others. Very cool stuff.

  8. Leanne on

    Hi Kute 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this amazing video! Absolutely LOVE your message and I completely agree with everything you say.

    I’ve been on a personal mission to figure out how I can truly, and I mean TRULY, fill my own cup without looking to others to fill it for me. I’ll think that I’m doing a good job, but then something happens and I have a flash of insight with my Aha moment when I realize I actually have looked to someone else to help me fill it. These realizations have been very powerful and I’m grateful that I have been recognizing how I can continue to love myself more and more and look to others less for this self love.

    The good news is that I can feel my own LOVE CUP filling up more and more each day and as I sit here in this beautiful coffee shop I have a huge grin on my face and I’m excited for all the beauty of the day to unfold.

    While I look forward to finding that special someone, I also recognize that my life is full of special someone’s – all of my personal quirks and sides, my friends, my family. Relationships take on a new form when you leave the expectation box empty and I’m happy to say that the relationships I’m experiencing in my life right now are rich, warm and full love.

    Today I’m committing to continue on my journey of being true to my inner desires and following what’s best for me and not what’s best for everyone else.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to ME and to YOU! xo L

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