There is so much talk these last few years about how important your thoughts are.

That your thoughts literally create your reality.

That you must only think positive thoughts. Sometimes we get so scared about the slightest negative thought, that it freaks us out.

I have news for you. It’s the SECRET secret that: It’s not just what you think about that matters. But how you feel about what you think about that makes the real difference.

We have over 65,000 thoughts each day, most of which are happening too fast to even keep a track of.

The myth is that it’s your thoughts that make the difference. It’s not so much the thoughts you think but the importance you give them that are the key.

What importance are you giving your thoughts?

How seriously are you taking your thoughts?

What thoughts are you identifying with and attaching yourself to?

The more seriously you take your thoughts, the more you identify with and as those thoughts, the more real they become. Then those thoughts become a reality for you and depending can either limit you or free you.

What is your relationship with your thoughts?

If you fight your mind trying to force yourself to only think positive thoughts, you are likely to create more stress for yourself and block the natural flow.

So don’t mind your mind.

Simply observe it. If you can observe it. There is a space. And in that space is a freedom to choose your right action.

If you listen to everything your mind tells you you will never reach your full potential. It will convince you of so many things that are not real, which if you believe will rob you of your dreams.

Thoughts are generated from your conditioning and childhood programming. Most of which we are not even aware of much of the time. We think we are free only to realize that many of the thoughts that might be playing in our minds are old stories and tapes from the past. The more you identify with these stories the less freedom you have to truly act authentically in this moment. And as a result recreate the past over and over again.

Thoughts like:

I am not enough.

I am going to screw up.

I am a failure.

I will never make it.

I don’t deserve it.

What wrong with me.

I am not worthy.

I am ugly.

I cannot do it.

What thoughts are you giving power to?

What thoughts are you making important and real?

The thoughts you think aren’t so much the issue. It is the importance you give them.

Thoughts come and go.

What you are is unchanging.

So know the SECRET secret: You are not the mind. You are not your thoughts. You are so much more. It’s not your thoughts that matter but how you feel about them and the importance you give them.

Observe your thoughts without judgement.

Let them float by.

Like clouds in the sky.

Give it a try.

And you will see that you will fly.




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8 comments on “The SECRET secret… It’s not your thoughts that matter!

  1. Lisa on

    Brilliant.. as always… just brilliant, Kute! And so needed right now by all and speaking for myself, by me. Just recently a set of events caused me to examine how prevalent my conditioning from childhood still can be in my thoughts and this helps me to be pure observer. Thank you for this and all Kute. Your sharing serves the world and I am so grateful for you.!

  2. Sara on

    Ahhhhh, Kute – you are such a great speaker! And I love how you’re peeling back a layer for all to consider. I was raised on “The Power of Positive Thinking” and it took me a long time before I realized the critical component that feelings played with those thoughts. You articulate it beautifully. Thank you for following your bliss to help others find theirs.


  3. Shanele on

    Dear Kute,

    I was introduced to you via facebook, from a dear friend that just adores you. Yesterday I saw your title on this blog and I just had to read it. I suffer from OCD, PTSD, and severe anxiety. Dr.’s, therapists, my yoga instructor, my family and friends have all expressed everything you said here, but for some reason, it was you who finally reached me. I told my friend, Andrea, that it was like you pressed the “on” switch to the lightbulb that I have so eagerly awaited illumination. You touched me, inspired me, and most of all, for the first time in over 9 months, gave me peace. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Brenda on

    Hi Kute,

    This very subject has been bothering me. The idea that our thoughts manifest our reality has been brought up many times at my spiritual center. I didn’t like this because if felt like I was being asked to fight my human-ness. We think the way we think………it is part of being human. I had such guilt attached to this or I felt like something was wrong with me that my common sense was fighting this concept. In a lot of ways the idea of controlling every thought didn’t make sense to me. Thinks happen life that I never thought of for one thing. I like your approach so much better. I really needed to hear this.
    Thank you,



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