Dear friend,

I am so thrilled that we have the opportunity to connect. It’s truly no accident.


  • You are a woman that longs to experience love more deeply in your relationship with a man.
  • You are single with a sincere desire to attract the man of your dreams into your life and experience big love for real.
  • You have a strong desire to understand how men really work and are tired of feeling confused and unfulfilled in relationships.
  • You are a woman that has read the books, been to the seminars, and have the information but are still frustrated that you keep attracting the same types of men that aren’t right for you or don’t really see who you are.
  • You are tired of repeating the same old patterns of self sabotage that destroy your relationships with men and are finally ready to deal with the inner blocks that are causing you suffering.
  • You are currently in a relationship and want to learn the secrets of how to relate more effectively with your man in order to experience more juiciness, playfulness, intimacy, and sexual chemistry.

If you said “Yes” to any of these, then the invitation I am about to give you may change your life.

For well over a decade I have had the opportunity to travel the world and help people transform. You might know of my work through the Love.Now CD that has inspired people worldwide.

Or my renowned Liberation Experience where I take high-level visionaries to India on a one-on-one, 24/7, 14-day radical transformational journey.

Or my Boundless Bliss Bali Journeys where I take 22 leaders to Bali through a life-changing seminar training without walls.

Or simply through my speaking or videos online.

Whether you have been following my work for a while or this is the first time we are meeting, I am excited for what I am about to share with you.

You see, my entire life has been dedicated to personal development, spirituality, transformation, and searching for the most powerful methods to assist people in healing. From childhood, I have been assisting people in breaking through limitations and living their true purpose. One of my very first memories, at age 5, was a deep calling to serve humanity. I grew up with a father that many consider a spiritual “Saint” from West Africa. I began speaking in my father’s churches at age 8, designated the successor, and ordained at 14. By 17, I mustered up the courage to walk away from a spiritual organization spanning 300 churches, and over a million members, in order to follow my true calling. This led me on an intense quest to seek answers, as well as the best information, techniques, and methodologies in transformation and healing around the world.

Over the last decade, I have been blessed to travel the world, and work with everyone ranging from billionaires, lawyers, supermodels, bestselling authors, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, to mothers, top sales people, children, and corporations. I have built my reputation based on turning around some of the most challenging cases, as well as creating radical results with my unique brand of “UNCOACHING.” I have helped thousands go to the next level, and create lives beyond their wildest dreams. Many of America’s most successful consider me their secret weapon. I have also spoken to audiences in major corporations, and conferences, on 4 continents, from 10 to 10,000 people, sharing my message of empowerment.

I became known as the guy to go to when you absolutely had to transform.

So after a decade of working intensely with thousands of my coaching clients I began to notice a pattern. That amongst my women clients, there was a common theme that consistently came up: Relationships… And their challenges with men. Some of my women clients were powerhouses in their careers, but when it came to men, and relationships they would get so confused. Relationships and men were often the big source of misunderstanding, confusion, frustration, and pain for so many women.

Have you ever felt like:

You were tired of giving so much in relationships and left feeling unappreciated, unmet, and not valued?

You were destined to stay stuck repeating the same painful patterns in your relationships, over and over, even when you thought you were over them?

You would never find the right man with whom you can truly feel safe, be loved deeply, and simply be the real you?

So I began coaching women in this area and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Somehow I became the first person that my female friends would call when they had man problems. Being a man who has done a lot of inner work on myself over the years, I was not only able to guide my women friends in understanding certain things about men that men would never express, but help women work through the hidden blocks that kept them repeating certain patterns in the first place.

Then something interesting happened. The word spread and I began receiving calls from women all over the world wanting me to coach them specifically in the area of their relationships with men.

After a while both my women clients and friends began asking me, even begging me to create a seminar to help them understand men more deeply. Quite honestly I had no interest and resisted for the longest time. You see my expertise is to assist people in transforming radically from the inside out and uncovering the hidden blocks that keep them stuck. On top of that I already had so much going on that I just did not have any more time for yet another project.

To my surprise the requests would not stop and I got tired of hearing the same complaints from women:

  • Where are all the good men?
  • What am I doing wrong? I can’t tell if he likes me or not.
  • He says he loves me but won’t commit, why?
  • Every time we get close he just disappears. What is going on? And how do I change it?
  • Why is he not attracted to me?
  • What is wrong with me? Is it something I am doing?
  • How do I communicate with a man so that he will truly understand me?
  • I keep attracting the same guys that aren’t good for me. I have done so much work on myself. How can I really shift this?!
  • I know he loves me but feel he does not see who I really am. It’s so painful.
  • How do I tell if I can truly trust a man?
  • I am tired of choosing the wrong guys. In the beginning he seemed so different.

So, I decided to put out a survey questionnaire, and over 100 women responded within an hour. I was blown away by the response. I then conducted a small focus group with 5 women to ask some questions. It was during this 3 hour session that I literally felt the soul of “Woman” call out to me and inspire me to create this process called “The MAN Breakthrough Experience: The Women’s Seminar- Decoding men and transforming the hidden blocks that prevent you from attracting the love you deserve.

This is not another seminar where you take a bunch of notes, get some intellectual theory, go home and nothing changes in your life.

This is a LIVE seminar with me in person, held June 1-3.

This is a radical life altering experience. You will not emerge the same as you went into it. This is my promise.

The way I see it, information alone is not enough. Many of you know a bunch of information about men, have read many books on relationships yet keep repeating the same patterns. If information was enough then everything that needs to be written on men, and relationship is already out there. So why are so many women unhappy? Why are so many making the wrong choices in love?

If you know what to do then what blocks you from doing what you know?

What’s missing?

It is your programming and conditioning.

This is why I was guided to create The MAN Breakthrough Experience.

Most seminars helping women understand men are conducted by women. The MAN Breakthrough experience is created and facilitated by a man that can give you the unique insight into the world of a man and how he truly functions.


What is The MAN Breakthrough Experience?

The MAN Breakthrough Experience is a LIVE, two and half day, revolutionary, one of a kind transformational, experiential immersion seminar for women held June 1st-3rd. It is designed to give you the unique insights into understanding men like never before, from the perspective of a man. As well as clearing, healing, and transforming the hidden blocks that prevent you from attracting the love you deserve and desire.

It is a unique process designed by me, a MAN. No matter how wise, there are limits to what a woman can know, and teach you about a man. Just like there are limits to what I can fully understand about being a woman. In fact I long gave up trying to understand the amazing creatures that you women are, and came to realize that you don’t need to be understood. You are beyond linear understanding. You need to be loved. Deeply. This became my commitment.

In this seminar, I will be creating a unique transformational process that is beyond note taking, information gathering, and theory. The MAN Breakthrough Experience is about full participation, authentic transformation and radical results.

You will be guided, loved, and stretched in unimaginable ways that are guaranteed to unlock your heart, identify and clear any deep unconscious blocks to experiencing true love in your life, remove the emotional obstacles that limit you, and shift the damaging repetitive patterns that prevent you from having the fulfilling relationship you long for.

My intention is to assist you in transforming internally in such a powerful way so that the man you attract into your life reflects back to you your true hearts beauty, value and love you deserve.

The MAN Breakthrough Experience is about facilitating big breakthroughs in your relationship with yourself, with men, and as result your relationship with relationship itself.

The MAN Breakthrough experience is a unique transformational process for women that are ready to let go of whatever is in the way of experiencing big love.

Here are just a few things you will learn :

1- How to communicate with your man in healthy ways that not only get your needs met, but also inspire him to give you what you need.

2- Find out what a man’s biggest fears are and profound graceful ways of serving him beyond them into living his authentic power and greatness.

3- Get clarity on what you really REALLY want in a man, so that you can attract the man you really want not just what you think you want based on your conditioning.

4- How to keep a man’s interest and desire burning for you long after the initial courtship, keeping the chemistry alive.

5- To recognize, uncover, and release the unconscious patterns you have regarding men that are unknowingly sabotaging your relationships, causing you to attract the wrong guy and creating suffering in your love life.

6- The major mistakes that women make in relationships that cause men to run in the other direction.

7- The 5 main things that you must understand about men that will make you completely irresistible to him and inspire his readiness to commit fully to you.

8- How to understand men, how their minds really work, and how to relate with them in the most empowering way.

9- The 7 key things you need to know and look for to be able to choose the right man for you.

10- The most important things that a man will never tell you…… that you need to know.

Imagine living a life where you are being deeply loved, your heart taken care of and nourished in every way by the man of your dreams?

Imagine feeling a sense of completeness and peace within yourself, no longer dependent on external validation for a sense of self worth or value?

Imagine never having to feel the gut wrenching pain, or insecurity regarding men ever again?

Imagine giving up self-blame and falling in love with yourself deeply… and having a man reflect that back to you?

I know that men aren’t always that easy to understand, and don’t come with a simple instruction manual. My commitment is to assist you in decoding men, and give you a whole new insight into the inner workings of a man. You will find out things that have previously been hidden from you before about yourself. And in that process I will assist you in transforming the inner blocks that have kept you from attracting the love you deserve.

My promise is that The MAN Breakthrough Experience will save you years of time, energy and missed opportunities in love.

As a man I believe that one of your great gifts as a woman is your ability to love deeply in spite of it all, and how much love you have to offer the right man. This is one of the things that makes you so precious and special. No matter what your relationship history, my commitment is help you remove whatever obstacles might be in the way of you manifesting real love in your life.

My commitment is to guide you onto the right path to attracting the love you deeply desire and deserve.

With my unique brand of transformation methods, not only is this possible but it will happen. You will see it for yourself.

You don’t have to give up, feeling that you are doomed to the same unfulfilling fate in your love life. Trust me when I say “There is hope!”

It will take your commitment.

…..On my end I am ready to commit to you and your MAN breakthrough 100%

So I wholeheartedly say “Yes, I do!”

Are you now ready to commit to your MAN Breakthrough?

Once you say “Yes!” you will begin a journey beyond anything you can ever imagine. Your MAN Breakthrough doesn’t just begin when the seminar starts, but the moment you commit.


I am excited to see you June 1st-3rd LIVE and in person in Los Angeles!



PS – I urge you to sign up now, before May 4th to receive a significant discount. Click button HERE to sign up now!

2 comments on “The MAN Breakthrough Experience: The Women’s Seminar

  1. Florence Dussuyer on

    Hi Kute,
    I am following you through your speaking and videos online…
    One of my best friend went to Bali twice with you…
    so now I am ready to change my life and commit to my MAN Breakthrough experience !!!
    could you please tell me when is the next seminar, I would love to join ?
    Thanks a lot
    Florence from France

    • Kute Blackson on

      Hello Florence! The next seminar is going to be in October in Los Angeles! The details are coming… make sure to subscribe to the mailing list at to be up to date on all the details! Keep ON! I look forward to connecting with you…. SOOOON!!!!


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