Thank YOU.



Perhaps two of the most potent words you could say.

As powerful as any mantra, prayer, poem, affirmation, or chant.

If all you did was say a heartfelt  “Thank you” each moment of your life to everyone you met, miracles would occur.

“Thank you” melts hearts. Let’s people feel loved and appreciated. End wars. Start new friendships. Create smiles.

The more you give thanks, the more you will have to give thanks about in your life. It’s been said that “What you think about expands”.  I like to say “What you THANK about expands.”

It is easy to say “Thank you” to those you like and are kind to you. But what about those that upset you and aren’t so nice. They give you the gift of the opportunity to practice your prayers and live your spirituality for real.

It is easy to say “Thank you” to those that give you what you want, when you want it. But what about those that don’t. They give you the opportunity to find out what you really need, what most serves your highest path and to be who you really are.

It is easy to say “Thank you” to those that love you. But what about those that have broken your heart and betrayed you. They give you the opportunity to forgive, keep your heart open, and practice unconditional loving.

The more you can thank those people and situations that challenge you, acknowledging that they served you in your growth of becoming more of who you really are, then you are free.

What you cannot THANK has you, owns you, and  controls you. What you cannot THANK you give power to.

When you can truly thank the person or situation, then you liberate yourself from bondage of the story, situation itself, and step into a new level of freedom. You step outside of the prison of the situation into the freedom of BEING.

Gandhi dared to live Thank you.

Jesus dared to live Thank you.

Mandela dared to live Thank you.

Martin Luther King Jr dared to live Thank you.

So live THANK YOU. Not simply as something to say on special occasions, but as a daily spiritual practice. The more you can live in thanks, the more of life itself becomes available for you to experience. There is so much to experience in any given moment that we often miss, because we might be busy judging ourselves, another person, or the moment itself.

Every situation and relationship has a lesson for you that will help you to become more of who you are meant to be. It’s just that sometimes the gift comes wrapped in challenge, or crisis. You must be courageous enough to unwrap it.

Learn the lesson.

Let go of who and what no longer serves you.

Dare to love in spite of it all.

Who do you need to THANK? What do you need to say?

What are you taking for granted about yourself or your life?

If you don’t know where to start, begin with you.

Thank YOU.



Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do.

Real heroes are not angels in the sky. But you and I. That dare to wake up every day and despite the challenges you might face, or the hardships that confront you. You still step upon this earth, in the arena of life with dignity, resilience, and courage.

Thank YOU for all the times you may have felt like giving up but didn’t.

It inspires me.

Thank YOU for choosing to be alive at this amazing time in human history.

We get to share in the magic and celebrate.

Thank YOU for serving as an incredible reflection of who I really am.

I get to remember myself in you.

So: Life might give you what you want. Life might not give you what you want. But you can always give life who you are.

Thank YOU for being YOU.



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P.P.S. I would love to hear who and what you want to say “Thank you” to in the comments below! Let me know!


12 comments on “The Miracle Power of Thank YOU!

  1. Susan on

    I’m thankful that my soul has been such a gift to my human being and others and still chosen to be the light…. I haven’t forgotten the agreement I made with other souls up in Heaven. I am BEING the light and I am thankful I have been given this mission of the gift called forgiveness. I would now appreciate the gift of forgiving myself….. I guess as I say that I realize I do know how to forgive myself…truly forgive myself! Through God all things are possible. So, then, it is so….. I’m going to watch the movie “Defending Your Life” with Meryl Streep and see how my Soul may view my life once I am back up in Heaven!

    Susan Phillips

  2. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo on

    The power of gratitude has completely shifted my perspective and is a daily practice I encourage all of my friends and clients to embrace!

    So THANK YOU Kute for shining the light of consciousness so brightly and doing the work you do!

  3. Lori on

    Giving thanks in the times of adversity is something that is a widely misunderstood and confusing prospect.For myself personally, I have seen in many cases I have been able to thank those who have hurt me after the growth had occurred. Once I had been able to look back and see the way I grew from that situation, I was able to thank.
    I was able to thank myself for facing the challenges and shine through no matter how hard it was at the time. Only then could I thank the ones that put me in the situation to grow.Thank you kute, for always showing the higher path and the gifts that are to be found in any situation. I am constantly learning and growing with your love and energy, to be the best I can be on my own.

  4. Sagi on

    Great post , Thank u Sagi for attracting and allowing that post showing for you ,and for the easy part Thank u Kute for keeping me inspired .

  5. Chrissy on

    Thank YOU KUTE!! You have such amazing energy!!

    Yes, being Thankful in time of adversity is difficult to understand. BUT, once a person understands it, it is an amazing eye, heart, soul opener!

    Before I heard of such a concept I heard a man talk about Ho’ oponopono. Now we ask what in the world is that crazy word? Well, first you pronounce it like Ho opo no pono. It is a Hawaiian word, and it means “I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You.” They believe if you repeat Ho’oponopono, meditate on it when someone causes harm to you. You actually open the doors to great wonderful things. Whether you believe in the “word” exactly or not. It’s meaning could not be MORE true. And it really creates an amazing peace within. It literally erases the bitterness you can feel for someone who causes you harm!

    I have also learned to be “thankful” for my wonderful job, “thankful” for my new house, “thankful” for the means to provide for my family, “thankful” for giving me insurmountable strength to endure each day as a single mom. “Thankful” for making it possible for me to take this trip to Bali! And although I may not physically have all of the above today, it IS on it’s way! I believe I am speaking and believing them into truth!

    Finally, today I had to humble myself in my divorce hearing to say “thank you” to my ex. For the wonderful times we had together. For pushing me to a point where I had to believe that I AM a strong woman. And finally being SO VERY THANKFUL for setting me free!!

    Wow, again your message falls directly in line with what I am experiencing! Great timing again! Thank You ;-D

  6. Anandakass on

    Thank You God for the Blessings. Every time in this life when you present us with the greatest challenges, or the most difficult situations or people, I say thank you for these blessings. I see each one of these events as an opportunity to accept those parts of our own self that the little “I” or “me” had been unwilling to embrace. I realize that “I” am not the doer anyway. You are. We are one in the same. Thank you. I love you.

  7. Paul Bishop on

    Thank you, Kute for such a great post! I think that gratitude is a much underrated virtue. I think that we all take things for granted and forget how blessed we all are.

    Not only do we take our loved ones for granted, but we also take for granted the people we don’t see who provide so much for us. This is the most amazing and best time to be a human on planet earth in the history of mankind.

    At our meals, how often to we say, “Thank You” to the farmers that grew the food and “Thank You” to the truckers that shipped it and “Thank You” to the grocer who put it on her shelves so that we can purchase it? How often do we say “Thank You” to the Silicon Valley engineers who have built the technological platforms that we all communicate on? How often do we say Thank You” the factory workers who made our clothes and cars?

    There are literally thousands and thousands of people who make our lives possible. I for one say “Thank You” to all of them. And I say, “Thank You” to you again Kute for reminding us how important these two words are!

    Thank You!

  8. Kute Blackson on

    Thanks everyone for your amazing comments. I am really touched and inspired by your sharing!!! Thank you!


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