All of your feelings are a gift.

Yet we often judge feelings as good or bad. We often try to eliminate the bad ones and feel only the good ones. However, in doing so, you end up disconnecting from the full range of your heart, self-expression, and power.

To the degree that you suppress what you might think of as the negative feelings is to the degree that you also disconnect from your capacity to fully experience the positive feelings.

Ultimately, there are no good or bad feelings. Feelings are just energy moving through your body. Every feeling is a signal, which if you pay attention to will point you in the direction of something that you actually need to deal with, a part of you that needs loving compassion or needs to be released. Even the feelings you label as bad are simply a signal. They are like a fire alarm trying to get you to pay attention to a part of yourself. If you don’t listen, the signal gets louder and louder until you do. If you keep suppressing, the feelings end up coming out anyway most likely in a not so gracious way (AKA -You lose it, or have a meltdown and explode)!

When you suppress your authentic feelings, those feelings simply remain incomplete buried deep within you. You often end up recreating situations and relationships in your life based on those old incomplete feelings, as there is a deep impulse within us to complete what is incomplete.

What you might call “bad” feelings show you the parts of yourself that need your love and healing. Healing is applying love to the parts of yourself that are hurting. When you hold a space of compassion for yourself and the full range of your feelings without any judgment, this compassion has a transformative effect.

As children we learn to disconnect from our authentic feelings. We disconnect as a way to avoid pain, hurt, rejection, shame etc.  And it becomes a survival mechanism in order to function and protect ourselves.  That way of being may have “worked” for us as children to survive, but take this way of being into our adulthood and end up recreating those same incomplete childhood patterns over and over, it only creates suffering.

What feelings are you suppressing?

What feelings are you disconnecting from?

What feelings are you afraid of feeling and acknowledging within your self?

Take an honest look.

The feelings that you suppress, or are unwilling to acknowledge and embrace will run you!

The feelings that you are unable to have will end up having you.

When you suppress your real feelings, whether anger, sadness, or hurt – over time, you might end up finding yourself feeling depressed, heavy, irritated, and lacking aliveness. The heaviness is a sign that you are suppressing, and ends up clouding your ability to now feel joy in the present moment.

No feelings last forever. But we are sometimes afraid to feel the feelings we think are bad, because we are worried we will stay stuck there. Know this: All feelings pass. None are permanent. To the degree you can feel them, you will let them go and feel more alive.

So do not resist the negative feelings, feel them fully with total awareness whilst connecting to the sensations in your body. They will move through you and dissolve.

Similarly, no positive feelings will last forever either. So when you feel a positive feeling simply feel it fully with total awareness, without trying to make it stay, and you might find yourself experiencing it longer. What often happens is in an effort to keep the “good” feelings we try to make it stay which creates a contraction. In doing so we start to lose the positive feeling even more quickly!

When you are willing to embrace and love the dark in you, you are then able to more fully embrace your light. However, let me be clear, it is NOT about wallowing in your negativity and dark feelings using that as an excuse. Feeling authentically isn’t wallowing, or indulging. It is simply about acknowledging and integrating what your feelings have to share with you and allowing them to move through you in a healthy way.

Ultimately you are not your feelings, whether good or bad. You are beyond them all. Your relationship with your feelings is as important as the feelings themselves. No need to be afraid or run away from them.

Your feelings are a portal into a deeper dimension of yourself and thus a deeper dimension of your own Divinity and freedom.

Your feelings are a gift. Sometimes you just need to patiently unwrap them, so you can find the important message inside.

When you feel it, you heal it.

And when you heal it, you can be more of the real you that you are meant to be.

It is time.



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6 comments on “The Key to Healing it is Feeling it… Embrace All Your Feelings as a Gift

  1. Michelle McGrath on

    i love this and 100% agree. Any feeling or emotion is just a part of the wide spectrum available to us in our human experience…when we deny or repress a certain feeling it’s just like ignoring one of the colours in the rainbow for me. This just reminds me of a blog post I wrote this week about jealousy – one of those feelings that most people avoid or never own to it because they judge it as ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’. I feel these intense emotions are just an amazing opportunity to respond to our own needs. Would love to hear your thoughts about it.
    Keep up the fabulous work, love it Mxx

  2. ScottStream on

    Attention – Intention
    Listen to our body wisdom- it speaks a message the intellect cannot understand, but if we quiet the thinking mind, our silent awareness can feel the sensations.
    We’ve been taught to ignore our instincts in favour of the rational mind. We’ve been told to suppress our emotions, but our feelings are natural and play a very important role.
    There is wisdom in every cell.
    Our conscious mind is only beginning to understand the body,
    but in every part of the body there is divine intelligence.
    Good one Kute
    What your doing now is a part of my dream
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Corina Savich on

    An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment. I do believe that you ought to publish more on this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but generally people don’t discuss these topics. To the next! All the best!!


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