Just because you perceive something a certain way doesn’t mean it is true.

We often think that reality is what we see and experience. We then make judgments about other people, situations or even ourselves based on our perceptions.

But in reality, the reality that you experience is based on your conditioning, and past programming. The reality that you think is reality isn’t necessarily reality. As you become aware of this it frees you up to see more clearly and question how you perceive a situation or person.

When you look at a situation or person what you really see is what you bring to it. As a result we make up assumptions and judgments about people which are often not true. Then we react based on our interpretation, which is not always accurate.

Have you ever reacted a certain way to a situation or person, only to realize afterwards that what you thought wasn’t necessarily so? It was simply how you were perceiving it in that moment based on your limited viewpoint.

Perhaps someone did or said something to you which left you feeling hurt. When you react to the situation based on your hurt, it only creates a negative spiral.

To the degree you live inside of your assumptions about what is going on, is to the degree you are not free and limit yourself.

The more you can step back, question your first reaction to a given situation and embrace what you feel, the more space you can have to actually choose a response that is empowering rather than reactive. Living from reactivity only creates more reactivity in a situation.

When you are in a relationship with a loved one and they do or say something that triggers something within you. We often think that our upset is about the other person. As a result we might react negatively or even attack the other person out of hurt. We might make up a story about what they said or did, and what that means. In truth you may have no idea what was really going on with the other person or situation as a whole.

So we are all seeing through our individual lens/viewpoint and experiencing reality in unique ways. The challenge is when these realities do not agree, it often results in arguments we both think we are right.

Have you ever experienced this?

On some level you are both right. Everybody is right based on the viewpoint your are looking through. It doesn’t mean it is reality though. When you realize this you do not need to take the other person reaction to you personally, you realize that based on their particular viewpoint which they think to be reality they cannot help but react to you the way they are. It just frees you up to not keep fighting them and be able to take a step back so that you can really choose your response.

The meaning you give to things controls your entire life. What’s the meaning you are giving to the experiences that happen to you?

Beware of;

Mind reading: When you project onto another other person what you think they are thinking and why they did what they did.

Living in fantasy: When you have an entire relationship with a person not based on reality but what you have made up in your mind.

Preconceived ideas: This is where you have already made up in your mind who and what they are and how that person will respond ahead of time. You then already feel reactive, even though nothing has happened yet.

The more you free yourself of your conditioning the more clearly you are able to see reality clearly and really choose.

Before you judge someone or the situation.

Breathe. And take a step back.

Take a look at the situation from a more expanded viewpoint. Be willing to not know.

Question: Is this reality?

Choose authentically.

So, how much Freedom do you want to experience in your life?

You choose.



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8 comments on “When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of YOU and ME! (Give it UP!)

  1. Flower Jayne on

    THANK YOU KUTE!! CAN I ASK, SO WHAT IS REALITY? As 2 people can be in the same situation and react very differently. What is true reality?

  2. Michelle McGrath on

    I laughed at this so much…so true how we project everything and can create a whole WORLD that doesn’t exist except for in our minds! It’s crazymaking and really highlights how our mind can get things so out of proportion..great example! 😉

  3. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo on

    Love this Kute!

    Such a beautiful example of how a mindful response rather than a mindless reaction can make all the difference in our OWN joy and freedom as well as in the lives of those around us as we release the need to project out those assumed “realities”!

    It’s especially moments like the one you describe where a mindfulness practice during life’s easier moments can really pay off…i.e. when we’re being pulled in different directions (like you were in the airport) and when there is something bigger at stake (your fave shoes!).

    Thanks for sharing your story so openly and honestly…and I’m glad to see you got your Vibrams back :).

  4. Pilar Love on

    Thanks Kute for a great reminder! You cracked me up when you put your shoes up to your face and then hugged them – so funny! Ok, gottah go now, so I can shop for my new Vibrams 🙂

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