Are you ready for a miracle?

Do you believe they are actually possible for you?

Or have you given up?

I am here to say “Yes! It is indeed possible!”

A few days ago I was honored and humbled to be a part of a truly amazing miracle right in front of my eyes.

People gathered from all over the world to participate in it. It is called Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience. What I witnessed was mind blowing and I am still buzzing from it.

It made me remember a memory from when I was around 8 years old in Ghana.

The energy was electric.

7000 people gathered around singing, waving handkerchiefs in the air, smiling as big as the moon, and dancing like there was no tomorrow.

They all chased after a man who wore a Ghanaian Kente cloth, frantically fighting to pick up the sand that this man walked on, and wiping it on their faces and bodies. Engulfed in the crowd, I simply smiled, thinking to myself, “Aah, yes I am back home”.

This scene was very familiar to me.

Apparently the previous day, a blind woman had picked up the same sand that this man walked on and wiped it on her eyes and instantaneously received her sight.

Now everyone wanted their miracle too…

This man they chased after is my father.

The scene occurred in July 2009. Yet as a child I grew up witnessing so many similar miracles daily: The deaf hearing, incurable illnesses healing, the crippled walking, the blind seeing, just to name a few.

I will never forget the day an elderly woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for 3 years being brought to her feet by my father.

He simply said, “Stand up!'”

“But I am sick!” She protested.

“Stand up!!! Do you believe? If you believe then stand up. You are not sick.” He said fearlessly.

She stood up. Just like that.

When I tell people about what I have witnessed, most are in shock, some don’t believe me, and some think I am embellishing the truth. Some ask me “Kute, weren’t you shocked when you saw all that”.

For me, what is more of a shock is how in our modern world, we have lost touch with the capacity to believe, to suspend logic, and rationality. That so-called miracles have become rare, or considered so special, only for the reserved few. Something that is only available to the saints, mystics, great rabbi’s, or yogi’s in the Himalayas.

In our pursuit of answers we have often lost touch with the ‘mystery’, to the point where we have become confined to the limitations of the mind, when what we really ARE is so much bigger. We are so much more than what we can see with our physical eyes.

When you subscribe to the illusory limitations of your mind, then all you do is manifest more limitations in your life. When you agree to choose a different reality, you step out of limitations and into the zone of Infinite Creative possibilities of the Universe.

You Choose.

I dream of a day when so-called miracles are just a normal and natural part of our daily experience. As normal as pumping gas, or brushing one’s teeth.

The saints simply reveal to us the highest possibility of ourselves. They are the mirror that reminds us of our true Infinite capacity. They remind us that what we each are is a living miracle.

We do not make or manifest miracles. Miracles already ARE. Our job is simply to remove the illusions, and blocks to their recognition. They are happening all the time, we just need to place our awareness there, and bring ourselves into alignment with the Flow that is happening each moment.

First, let go of the word/concept of “impossible”. Step outside of what you think you know, what you think can or can’t be done.

Second, catch the vision of your dream and say “YES” to what it is, rather than getting stuck in the HOW or why not. Inherent in your vision that you are given is also the seed for it’s fulfillment.

Third, give thanks and be in gratitude for fulfillment of your vision. Remember ALL the miracles in your Life that already are present now.

Fourth, move forward, and take the action required as though it is already done. Live in the reality of the completion of your vision. Do your part. Take the actions that are in your power.

Fifth, let go completely and trust the Intelligence of life to fulfill itself. Know that it is not you that needs to make it happen. Rather, the Intelligence of Life gets to happen through you and fulfill itself with grace.

You are born out of the INFINITE. When you bring your awareness to who you REALLY are, you step out of the confines of your past, or the limitations of personality, and the force of Life itself will act through you.

You are a living breathing miracle. Once you recognize the actual miracle that you are, you move into a different state of being.  It shifts your energy and focus into real gratitude. As you live in that state of gratitude, you begin to open yourself to another level of possibilities, and power.

We are often looking for big miracles in life, when in reality every moment of life is miraculous.  Every breath you take involves an interaction and communication of trillions of cells. There are universes dancing inside you.

There are sunsets, and rivers flowing, inside of you.  Go ahead and take a deep breath feel what a miracle that is!

Ultimately, know that the REAL miracle isn’t simply in levitating, making objects appear, or the healing the sick:

– The real miracle is seeing who you REALLY are and transcending your limitations.

– The real miracle is being your authentic self in the world.

– The real miracle is being willing to forgive and let go of the past.

– The real miracle is to live the present moment fully.

– The real miracle is in being willing to love, and live with an open heart despite having been hurt in the past.

– The real miracle is to courageously go for your dreams, and stand up no matter how many times you fall down.

– The real miracle is to love yourself and your life exactly as it is, and exactly as you are, for no reason at all.

So, are you ready for this kind of a miracle today?

It’s available to you. I have witnessed it with my own eyes.

Then I invite you to join me on an experience that I PROMISE will unequivocally transform your life forever and catapult you into living the fullness of your Soul’s destiny.  For many of you this will be an answer to a prayer you have long held in your heart and for some of you an answer to a prayer that you didn’t even know your soul was seeking.

The next Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience is Decemeber 2-13, 2012.

If you feel moved, watch the video and APPLY by clicking HERE.

Your miracle awaits you, beyond anything that you can even imagine!!!!!!!



P.S. As of July 25th, we already have 7 people enrolled, and only 22 spots available maximum. So if you feel the calling I encourage you to trust it, and apply. You will see that the entire Universe will conspire to support you!!!

P.P.S. Also feel free to share this with those in your community you feel would be ready!!!!

4 comments on “Are you ready for a Miracle?

  1. Juliana on

    I am ready Kute! I will join you in Bali next year in July 2013.
    Thank you for galvanizing me today with your message! I am ready for all my miracles! yes, that is plural, because
    There is so much to life that I want to call forth, and experience.
    I am ready now, and grateful, with an open heart, and an open mind, to receive all of my miracles!

  2. Jeannette on

    The last few weeks I’ve been feeling this incredible force. It all started when I said “I am ready”. I have been spending the past year in quiet, letting go of a lot of limiting beliefs. I have arrived home to my truth and I am ready to share it with the world! I have been gifted this vision of creating a gathering space for women, where they can support and encourage one another, where they can get in touch with thier divine feminity. It is going to happen! This time last year I was so afraid to accept my vision, for fear of being told it wasn’t possible or for fear of others judging. Now I feel it in every ounce of my being and all those thoughts I had before don’t exist. Only thoughts of it happening and this feeling that it has to happen. It feels so amazing! I’ve been asking for a miracle and this is the second day in a row that the word miracle has appeared. I am on the right path and it is unfolding perfectly!

    • Kute Blackson on

      Keep on Jeannette!!!! Keep shining keep grooving you’re on the right track!
      Boundless Bliss Bali is ready for you would love to see you there! Much love


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