Let’s talk about sex.

It’s everywhere. Movies, magazines, romance novels, conversations with friends, billboards, radio.

Sales  for:

Viagra was $1.9 billion in 2011

Porn industry is a $10-$14 billion per year business

Romance novels $1.4 billion in 2011.

Yet are we any more fulfilled and free?

What is it that we are really seeking?

Surely it’s more than just a momentary release…

I feel that we are really seeking that which is formless, unbounded BLISS. Beyond pleasure, or duality. We are really seeking a sense of Oneness. We are really seeking freedom from our small selves. We are seeking the Infinite whether we know it or not.

Real sex is the surrender of yourSELF, into Infinity. It is a death that is a Life. A death of your small self, and resistance to LOVE. Then all boundaries dissolve and that which has always been you shines through.

It can be scary, as it means letting go of control and truly opening your heart to another. It is no longer about getting a quick release, but about sharing love, exchanging energy, and serving each other in the highest way possible. Sex without love is meaningless. Sex infused with heart, love, and sacredness can become a living prayer and a spiritual practice.

Your body becomes the temple that you invite your lover to worship inside of, a portal to the Infinite that is living within and as your very essence.

Sex then takes on a totally different dimension and quality. It becomes true lovemaking. No longer about simply getting something, or “LoveTAKING”. But it becomes a pure offering of the Love within your heart, the Love that you ARE. This offering then also awakens and reminds your lover of who they really are.

Sex becomes a release of yourself into Infinity. It is no more a path to get love, but it is the very manifestation of the Love that you are. Love expressing as the play through your bodies as a gift.

Great sex is…

Beyond the physical.

Beyond the orgasm.

Beyond techniques and positions.

Great sex is about surrender. To the degree you are able to surrender, you open yourself up to real ecstasy. Then there is no you, or other. There is only now. Then you are no longer having sex as a separate Ego, or a “me”.

You move from an orgasm to a SOULGASM, where not just your body but your soul awakens.

Then there is no more lover, loved, and loving.

There is only LOVE.

Pure and simple.



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7 comments on “Why settle for Sex when you can make love to the Infinite!

  1. Gloria Bandy on

    Yes! I learned long ago that there is what my husband calls ‘monkey love’ and what some cal ‘f–king’, there’s mutual sex, where two people bring pleasure to each other (much more respectful) and then there’s ‘making love’ which is intimacy on a spiritual level (unfortunately much more rare). This last treasure involves pure honesty and surrender. One exposes his/her ego to the other with complete trust that the true self will be revealed.

    BTW, I’m Paul Michael Spark’s mom. Years ago, when i saw Love Now, I wept for joy. I said to my son, “For this reason you were born.”

  2. Erin on

    wooo weee. I am learning to surrender into this divine love. This is most inspiring and lovely reminder to stay on course! Thank you Kute! What else is there to do?!!!!

  3. Sami Barkaoui on

    Hey Brother Kute,

    You’re a magic man

    Your mission is really beautiful.

    You’re a source of inspiration for me and many others I guess 🙂

    Fraternelly yours, hope to meet u soon


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