The most powerful prayer and affirmation is not to decree what you want.

Sometimes what you want is actually not what you REALLY want but what you think you want based on who you think you currently are. And who you are is always evolving and expanding.

The most powerful prayer is simply to SURRENDER. To give up what you think your goal and vision should look like, to give up your attachments to the form, and to open yourself to the highest good unfolding for all concerned.

When you surrender what you think should be, you open to a higher flow of GRACE. You tap into the Infinite itself, and IT knows exactly how to bring about the most authentic fulfillment of your dreams and destiny.

The mind is limited. Your personality is limited. In any given moment you can only see part of the picture. Surrender moves you beyond the mind, and into a stream of magic, synchronicity, and miracles.

Then you will be carried on the wings of Grace towards your perfect destiny. It may not look like what you thought, but know that what the universe has in store for you is often much bigger than your mind can ever imagine or conceive.

Surrender does not mean giving up in the typical sense. However. it does mean giving UP the limited view point of what and how you thought things should be so that things can expand into the Divine VASTNESS of what they are truly meant to be for your highest good.

It requires a deep trust in Life. You can either trust your mind, which constantly sells you all sorts of B.S. all day long. Or you can trust the Infinite Intelligence that is not only living and breathing you right now, but synchronizing all of life itself.

So when things don’t work out how you wanted them to, rather than collapse into despair, trust that the the Universe has something bigger, better, and brighter in store for you than what you originally thought.

That is the time to get curious to see what is about to happen. And watch the magic of the Universe unfold.

Sometimes we get afraid or overwhelmed as we think about HOW to bring our goal into reality. It can trigger fear, questioning, doubt.

The illusion is that YOU need to manifest your vision. Inherent in your authentic dream is already the seeds for it’s fulfillment. Your role is not to struggle or force anything. Your role is to simply GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE WAY so that the Universe can flow through you and manifest itself as your vision in your life.

Then things are effortless, since it’s not really you DOING it.

You are then in the flow, simply showing up, participating 100% and witnessing the miraculousness of the Universe at work in your life.



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12 comments on “Get out of your own way.

  1. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo on

    Lovely message Kute and so in alignment with where I am right NOW…balancing that beautiful space of taking action where it feels intuitively right (and FUN!) but letting the go of reaching some ideal that is created in my limited mind while being open to the universal gifts and surprises I spot along the way.

  2. Cal-Ling on

    Kute……love the lesson, thanks for the reminder !

    Also please offer your Man class again…..selling my art that weekend in Beverly Hills…..looking to have that experience with you.
    Today….building website….who knows what will happen ?
    Lots of Love


  3. Sam on

    You are awesome Kute!! This is my first exposure to your work and hats off- this message was essential for me/my path today given recent events and thank you for holding the light so bright for all that is to speak through you. Much respect and appreciation for who you are. I have a feeling we will connect before the year is up. Namaste.


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