We come together in relationship with another for our evolution and growth.

The people you attract are simply mirror manifestations in that moment in time that reflect who you are.

Yet who you are is constantly changing, evolving, and growing.

Who you are when you first met your partner won’t necessarily be who you will be a year from now, let alone a month from now.

Relationship is really not about the duration that you stay with someone, but the degree to which you both grow, evolve, and become more authentically your true Self. Staying in a relationship where you are both no longer growing simply because that is the thing to do based on societal standards, or because you made commitment 25 years ago, is not authentic.

Authenticity is to feel the depth of who you both are now, and fully be in the moment together with total honesty and love.

Then you can see if you are both still a vibrational match for each other today not based on a commitment made years ago.

Relationship is when you come together with a commitment to serve eachother’s evolution, and grow together in a similar direction at a similar pace. The bottom-line commitment being “I commit to serving your Soul’s growth”.

Once one of you no longer has that commitment, and is clear about that, then you no longer have a relationship even if you stay together physically.

As you both serve each others evolution, and keep growing together then your relationship can keep reinventing itself to higher levels, rather than staying a stale version of what was. Your relationship becomes an ever-expanding exploration of Nowness.

But when one person stops growing or no longer has a commitment to serve the other it begins to shift the dynamic. The question to ask is simply “Are we both growing as Souls, becoming more expanded, loving, and authentic versions of ourselves in this relationship?”.

If the answer is no, and there is no more commitment to serve each others growth then your relationship is over. So long as there is a commitment to serving each other, even if it is challenging (which relationships can be) you can keep growing together.

The real success of relationship isn’t simply how many years you have been with someone, but how much you grew and realized your authentic self.

Certain people show up in your life to simply serve a function of helping you see a part of yourself that you get to reclaim or heal. It might last a few weeks, months, years or a lifetime. But you come together to learn those lessons, and once those lessons are complete. So is the relationship.

So, feel into finding the form of the relationship that allows the greatest love to be expressed. Sometimes we stay together out of obligation, but that serves no one really, simply causing us to withhold love. The truth serves all concerned, even if it might not seem that way at first. The truth will ultimately dissolve limits and cause expansion.

Sometimes breaking UP the form and finding a new way of relating with your partner simply allows you be able to love them without the limited expectations.  Staying in a relationship when you are no longer in love, growing, or committed is living death.

As the form of your relationship changes either through a break up, divorce, or death, let the loving remain constant.

No forms last forever.

Only Love is real.

Just because a relationship ends does not mean the LOVING needs to.

Be committed to the loving no matter what happens.

Then you are free.

The rest are just details.



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4 comments on “How to know when your relationship is Over….or not.

  1. Flower on

    WOW KUTE!!! While you were talking I felt myself being freed from my past. I wasn’t dumped becasue as he said “I was boring” it was because I didnt want to be doing the same things that we were doing 14 years ago! He dumped me to be with someone else who keeps him in the space of doing the things he has always done. Yes, I had a breakdown at the time as I had been brainwashed into thinking I was always wrong and he was always right. Now I realise the breakdown needed to happen to become more of who I am and literally breakthrough the illusions of the relationship. It was not a relationship of love and now I know what love is not; I can LOVE NOW 🙂 Thats taken 12 years to let go of that crappy relationship but its happened. WOW KUTE! X X X

  2. Diana V. Perez on

    Thank you Kute. It does take courage to walk away when there is stagnation. It is even more difficult to walk away in that predicament free of bitterness and anguish. I am finally starting to develop a friendship that is expanded with the former soul mate I walked away from 8 months ago. It is a friendship now. I love your videos. I new to your world. I first heard you on the Attract Your Soulmate event. I love you and appreciate your presence in our beautiful planet.

    Diana Venus

  3. Michelle on

    So true as always Kute! I know that we always attract into our lives what we are resonating and often these connections naturally fall away when we outgrow each other or start to go in a different direction. Expressed so well as usual! xx

  4. BLUE fairy on

    Dear Kute, thank you so much for writing this! YOur writing has helped me so much and has made me cry as well, as I struggle with an ending of a relationship, or rather, in knowing how to let go and how to face my partner who refuses to let go and accept that there is not more growing. it is hard when this happens. Thanks again for such well-written and wonderful post which has clarified things for me. God bless you!


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