Peace is an inside job.

Peace is a state of Being. It arises from knowing who you really are. When you realize that you are not merely your body, your age, your religion, your race, your gender, or your nationality. That what you truly are is a timeless, birthless, deathless, Infinite expression of ONE consciousness. Then all the illusions of separation dissolves.

There is peace.

It is not about trying to find peace in the world. It is constantly changing. There is no real peace in the constantly changing. When your peace is dependent on that which changes it is a recipe for suffering. Real peace lies deeper.

Look within and you will find the unchanging nature of your Being. It never changes. When you connect with your true self, you will have peace, even in the chaos. Then your actions will come from this place of calm and affect your environment for the better.

We are sometimes so busy trying to bring peace to the world but we must remember that world is a reflection of us. It is a mirror.

So the quickest way to change the world is to change yourself.  We see war in the world, yet what about the war inside of our own minds? What about our inner conflict? What about the “Weapons of Mind destruction”, or the missiles of judgement that we wage against ourselves daily?

If you want to help bring world peace then: Heal yourself.  Bring light and compassion to those parts of yourself that you have been judging or waging war against.

Reflect on these questions:

What am I not at peace with in myself?

What do I judge about myself?

What do I not accept about myself?

What do I need to forgive myself for?

What am I getting from beating myself up?

Am I willing to be compassionate and kind to myself today?

It is time to accept yourself totally. The light and the dark. Acceptance is key. Even accepting that you might not be able to accept yourself totally in this moment is a start. Acceptance is the beginning of your Peace process.

Wishing you much Peace.


PS. I would love to hear your thoughts on what came up when you reflected on the questions I posed above. Let me know in the comments below.

13 comments on “Monthly Musing July: Peace is an inside job.

  1. Adrienne Kessler on

    Since we have worked together, you have been in my heart and I carry a piece of what we you’ve given me. Thank you for your monthly news letters. It is always a confirmation of what we are REALLY here for on this earth. Peace and blessings,Adrienne

  2. Cynthia Blair on

    I have followed your writings and videos and find truth in your words…they resonate deeply. For me, as a visual artist, just to “be” is not enough…it is in “making meaning”, as author Eric Maisel would put it, that I find total peace and acceptance of myself.
    Does this mean I do not accept myself unconditionally?

    Thank you for all the inspiration you have given, with love

  3. Holly on

    Thank You Dear Kute

    This is PURE TRUTH.

    Question: How would you recommend that we overcome deep feelings of unworthiness?

    with Blessings & Gratitude~

  4. Konscious Krieger on

    Thank you Kute! Your words are always right on time, right on the mark… You remind me that accepting myself is like tending a garden, even though I watered last week, it takes consistent daily watering to keep my garden living and thriving! LOVE YOU BRO

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