Thinking small will change your life.

Let me explain.

Many of us have grand, elaborate, visions. We have big dreams that we visualize. We want to change the world. We want to write bestsellers. We want to be super hero’s. We want to end world hunger. We want to make millions.

We make all sorts of plans to take big actions.

Often those big actions never happen.

The big mistake is thinking that small action steps won’t make a difference.

It wont matter if I miss the gym today.

Eating one doughnut won’t make me fat today.

One phone call won’t make me successful.

Spending $50 won’t affect my debt.

One lie won’t really make a difference in my relationship.

Not writing a page of my book today won’t harm.

Yet it’s those tiny action steps compounded over time that are the difference between success and failure. Those tiny things that you do when no one is watching has tremendous impact.

It’s not the big things you do once in a while, it’s the small things you do consistently that make the difference.

It might not seem to make a difference in the moment. But it is the series of moments that lead to the fulfillment of your destiny.. or not. The more consistent action you take the luckier you might seem to get. Luck favors those that are consistent.

Rather than waiting to do your entire master plan, or take the massive action.

Think small.

That’s right. Think small.

The key is to take ONE action step in the direction of your dreams no matter how small it is.The first step in front of you is the best action step you can take. The power to your dreams is in the first step. The first step is often the hardest step to take but the most powerful. And many of us do not take it.

Throw away your elaborate plans.

One small action step in the direction of your dreams is more powerful than any BEST big plan with no action. The first step may not be the most sexy or glamorous – picking up the phone, going to the gym, running one mile, sending an email, cleaning your desk, saying “I’m sorry”.

But it is the first step which leads to the next step, and the momentum builds and you’ve taken 1,000 steps before you know it. In the fulfillment of your vision there’s not 10,000 steps, there’s just ONE step… one step over and over and over again.

Many people sit around and wait. Waiting for the perfect sign, the perfect person, the perfect moment, the perfect tarot card… waiting is a waste of precious now. Waiting will get you no where unless waiting is the necessary step in front of you now. All the time you are waiting you could be taking action and moving towards manifesting your vision.

Stop waiting for stars to align. Stop waiting to do it perfectly. Stop waiting until you know everything you think you need to know. Stop waiting until you have healed yourself completely and become like Buddha.

Simply, start where you are, exactly as you are. Take the small action in front of you now and before you know it, you will be living the dream that you were dreaming about. And the dream will no longer be a dream but reality.

Size does matter.

Think small.

Act now.



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PPS – Tell me what one small action you will take now?

10 comments on “Size Does Matter… The Power of Thinking Small

  1. Maria on

    Great video!! This is EXACTLY what I have been struggling with lately. My vision has gotten so big that I’m frozen in where to begin…I’ve been overwhelmed. Thanks for this reminder because you are right…the small things, done consistently DO matter. So…off I go to get those little things done 🙂

  2. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo on

    Love this Kute! This is exactly the message I empower my coaching clients with, often reminding them of the POWER of 5 minutes. For example, in order to create a meditation practice that’s 30 minutes a day, there is POWER in starting with 5 minutes a day. EVERYTHING in life grows from that tiny seed, but in order for that seed to grow into the tree it has within it, it must be nurtured consistently.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful message of LOVE in the world, my friend!

  3. sergio on

    I agree, life is in the details. It is all about baby steps and taking it one step at a time. I think a lot of people do not accomplish their goals because they think too big. It’s all about chunking it down!

  4. Shelsea on

    This is totally inspiring, and, as usual, came to the right person at the right time. I wish Nike had never taken over the phrase “Just Do It” because it is such a great statement. As for me, I am going to start right away making a video blog that I have been dreaming of making for months! Time to just go for it. Ready….set…..Go!

  5. Sharon on

    bless Up! Yes BEGIN! I am inspired and moved by your energy and words…. Giving thanks for you indeed. Having the boldness to begin and for me releasing the destination detaching from outcomes allowing the vision to guide me into isness and pure being ness awakens me. LOVE IT, love YOU..

  6. Mina-Grace Drake on

    Thanks so much for this powerful reminder to start small. This is such perfect alignment as I just wrote a blog post earlier tonight on this very topic. I am definitely going to reference your work before it goes live tomorrow. My mom passed away fifteen years ago. She was and is an incredibly wise woman and she would always ask me, ‘how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ she knew I had a propensity for taking on life in heaping spoonfuls. Her words resonate in my ears all these years later. I believe it’s one of the major gifts she came to teach me in our short time together. Now when I commit to do one small thing at a time, it’s another way to honor her


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