We all feel the impulse to love deeply.

The impulse to live big dreams.

The impulse to connect.

Yet why is it that so few of us in our lifetimes truly actualize our fullest potential?

Einstein often talked about how we only tap into 5% of our truest potential.

Many of us have read the books, gone to the seminars, watched the DVDs, studied the information, and we know WHAT to do. We are overloaded with information.

We know that we should work out.

We know that we shouldn’t eat certain foods.

We know we are in relationships with specific individuals that do not support us.

We know that we need to make that phone call.

But why is it with all of our information and knowledge we often still continue repeating the same habits? Why is it we sabotage ourselves when we actually know better?

It’s often said that people do the best they can with what they know. Yet we often know better and we STILL don’t do what we know is best for us.

I know many of you have a desire to make a big difference, and you want to impact the world in a positive way. I know many of you have something truly valuable to contribute, and have gifts to share that will make a profound difference for humanity. Even if you’re already successful you may also have a feeling deep inside that there’s something more.

This is one of the main reasons I was guided to create what is perhaps one of the most unique and revolutionary experiences in the world. It is called “Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience“.

I feel that in order to effectively lead others you must first be able to lead yourself. As you transform yourself not only will your words and actions have tremendous power, you will end up inspiring those around you just by being YOU – much like a Martin Luther King, much like a Gandhi, much like a JFK, much like a Mandela, and all the great leaders of the world.

After coaching thousands of individuals from all across the planet, I have found that you can only truly effect people and the world at the level of your own consciousness. If you want to do your part in making a difference on this planet the first place to begin is with oneself.

What I can say is Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience is a profound leadership intensive for those visionaries that know they are truly ready to live the purpose for which they were born in this life, and are unwilling to spend any more time playing small.

If you are someone who knows why you are on this planet and you feel ready to live it fully by going to that next level. If you are ready to break through the blocks that may have held you back in the past, and start playing life full out from living your destiny and playing life full out. Then I want to invite you to a journey that will stretch you, shock you, surprise you, delight you, challenge you and invite you to live your greatness.

The next Boundless Bliss Bali journey is July 4th – July 15th, and we are almost full. We have some of the most incredible souls flying in from all over the world who felt deeply called to participate in this amazing journey and have said YES to the call.

If you feel the call I invite you to apply for an interview. I invite you to step forward into your destiny with a fierce urgency of NOW. Now is your time.

Are you ready?


See you soon!



4 comments on “Why Do I Keep Sabotaging Myself Even Though I Know Better?

  1. Flower on

    THANK YOU KUTE X – I was playing out an old habit of anxiety and just being busy. I felt this urge to switch my computer and I saw your email. So I said ‘STOP’ and changed my behaviour to relax and realise I am very capable woman! Love & Sparkle x

  2. Michelle on

    To know and not do is NOT to KNOW. This is the main reason we are not accessing our potential….what I call the Personal Operating System that is patterned for protection and limitation. The best way to get unblocked from my experience is energy healing. As a Theta Healer, I work with the Divine to release at the history level the beliefs and memories that keep us re-creating the same reality. AND the Bali experience sounds like a wonderful opportunity to do the same. Well done Kute!


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