Everyday we are faced with so many decisions.

We are blessed.

However, many choices can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Should I go do this or that?

Making a clear decision can be hard and lead to indecisiveness at times.

When you try to choose simply with your mind there is often confusion.

Have you ever experienced this?

The mind is constantly changing. One minute it wants to turn left, the next minute it tells you to turn right.

When you are faced with a tough decision or choice to make it is important to feel deeper than your mind.

There is a part of us all that already knows everything since at the deepest level we are everything. The mind is limited and can only see from a limited viewpoint.

Usually, there is a flash of intuition or guidance that knows exactly what to do, yet we often don’t trust it fully.

We go into the mind and begin to question what we are guided to do, or the decision we know we need to make deep down. Perhaps it’s a relationship that we are considering entering or leaving, perhaps its traveling some place, or moving to a different city. Whatever it might be, when you own that you DO know, whether that knowing is conscious or not, you do know. Then it allows the space for the knowing to rise to the surface of your awareness for you to consciously acknowledge it.

So, take a step back and feel deeper.

When you own your knowing there is a power you will access to guide you even when you are not consciously clear what to do with your mind.

We often think that in order to make a decision and act we have to know exactly what to do, and what the next steps are. The thing is, if you wait until you know exactly what to do you may never make a decision. The mistake is thinking that the total clarity must be there up front before you start. But in reality the clarity often unfolds as you go through life and allow life to reveal itself to you. And based on that, life shows you what you need to do and what is next.

What is most important is that you acknowledge the deepest truth of what it is that you are moved to do. Then decide to follow it. You may not know how, but you don’t need to at first.

The first and most important decision is the decision to follow the authentic impulse that you feel. Inherent in that impulse is also the intelligence and seed for its fulfillment.

So many of us wait. And wait. And wait. Only to never turn their dreams, desires, intentions, intuitions, into fulfillment.

So if there is a decision you are seriously pondering, that moves you, I urge you to simply JUMP IN.

That’s right……. JUMP IN.

Because even if you don’t know HOW, once you are in, and committed, you will figure out the details.

Your Soul will guide you.

There is an inner resourcefulness within you that is so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. And its only when you decide and put yourself on the line that you are then forced to step up, and actually find out what you are really capable of.

If you make a decision and it doesn’t work out how you think it should work out, remember that you can always change. You are not stuck, powerless or a victim.

Just because you made your bed a certain way doesn’t mean you have to lie in it forever.

Just because you cut your hair a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t change your hairstyle.

Just because its raining outside doesn’t mean you need to sit around and be miserable.

You are not a prisoner of the decisions you made in the past.

You can un-decide at any moment and make a new decision that is more in alignment with you now.

Life is full of decisions.

Know that whatever you decide will be perfect, and take you on a journey of growth and self discovery that you most need to learn. And once you learn what you need to you can make a new decision that best supports your Soul’s evolution.

So much of life is out of your control, people, the weather, the economy…

But what you can decide is how you are going to respond and interact with what shows up in your life.

You can relate to life as a funeral. Or you can relate to life as a celebration.

Life may be full of challenging seasons, but you hold the power to rise above, grow, and make the most powerful decision of all: To choose the experience you are going to have regardless of what is going on around you. In this sense you create your reality within yourself. And when you respond powerfully to life, life responds powerfully back to you.

So smile at life and see what happens.



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6 comments on “How to Make Your Best Decisions Ever

  1. Tirza on

    I am more and more coming into m own now. Where I had previously laid so much emphasis on acquiring things, I am now teaching my children about the value of acquiring experiences. You have reaffirmed all of this tenfold – again. Love your style! <3 Thanks, Kute!
    Tirza 🙂 <3

  2. Sophie Auber on

    Thank you Kute, this is such good timing, it felt like you did this video for me!!!
    I am in the middle of making a big decision and this really helpt. With all my love and gratitude. I love watching you and your sparkly energy so much!!!
    Sophie from France

  3. Libby on

    “The first and most important decision is the decision to follow the authentic impulse that you feel. Inherent in that impulse is also the intelligence and seed for its fulfillment.”

    Yes, yes, yes! Thanks Kute, as always, you inspire me. Also, I find that some of the big messes I get myself into are when I ignore the impulse to JUMP OUt of something! Maybe it seems like you will let someone down, or people will think you’ve lost your mind, or it’s going to cause some major inconveniences, but I have finally realized if that authentic impulse is to change course, I better listen. You are so right, there is intelligence in the impulse!


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