It can be easy to judge yourself at times.

Many of us do it quite well.

We beat ourselves up. Criticize. Treat ourselves harshly. We often strive to make ourselves different from what we are.

From the moment we are born we get conditioned. We are told who we should and shouldn’t be. We are told repeatedly that who we are isn’t enough. It gets reinforced by the advertising in the media that wants to sell you something.

When you accept yourself for being who you are and who you are not a powerful freedom is yours.

Beating yourself up to try and fit some idea of who you need to be in order to be loved and accepted by others only creates more stress and suffering.

Beating yourself up to be something often keeps you feeling like nothing and can keep you stuck where you are.

Judging yourself in an effort to change simply reinforces the very patterns you are seeking to change.

No matter what has happened to you, know this:

You are perfect as you are.

So what if you didn’t need to change, improve, or be anything than what you are already?

What if you were to radically completely accept who you are and not in this moment?

Not accepting only causes you more suffering.

Acceptance is the key to your freedom. It’s in acceptance of who you are and where you are in your process of being a human being that you create the space to truly be with yourself as you are. It’s this space of non-judgement that is profoundly healing. Even to simply accept your non acceptance is freedom.

Acting like some idealized version of yourself that you think you should be doesn’t make you authentically who you are or truly free.

The real freedom is in dropping all the “shoulds” of who you think you should or shouldn’t be, and allow yourself to simply be. Then the real you can blossom.

As you begin to accept yourself totally even those parts of yourself that you judge or think are “bad” will heal in the space of love, compassion, and acceptance.

Judging yourself is easy. But it takes real courage to love yourself radically.

To love yourself radically is to not only love just the parts of you that you like but also the parts that you don’t like.

What parts of yourself have you been judging?

What if you committed to loving that?

What if you committed to loving even the part of you that “can’t” love?

It’s in loving radically that you set yourself free.

It’s time.



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8 comments on “Stop Beating Yourself Up… Start Loving Yourself Radically!!

  1. Cheryl on

    Dear Kute,
    This is one of my favorite messages you have put out. Maybe,because I need this so profoundly. I am going in for another epideral in Jan. and have trouble walking.I find myself judging myself all the time. My mission is to love myself radically and that being said I think my health will follow. Imagine if we all loved ourselves radically.Namaste.

  2. Carmen on

    Dear Kute, Thank you so much for this blog – just right in time! I’m just about learning to just stop and step back when I start judging myself and your words made it so clear to me at “what point” I can do my choice to love myself…. Thanks for this gift!!! Love to you Carmen

  3. Mary on

    You don’t ever mix words. You always say it from your heart. Bless you and thanks for the reminder not to judge and that we ok just the way we are. Keep listen to your True Self to be a big part in the collective. We need your voice from Spirit. Thanks again Mary

  4. Meg on

    Thank you for this message, Kute. While you were speaking, something that came up for me was that I have been procrastinating in so many areas of my life and it’s almost been a trance that has come very familiar. And I realized as you were explaining that there’s a part of us ‘underneath’ the behavior that is trying to protect us, keep us safe, and I realize I have been procrastinating out of a younger part of me that is scared to commit to things in fear that I may get ‘too busy’ and therefore, lose myself in the midst. It really comes down to a fear of losing myself and not being present to me. So, now that I have identified that, I can deeply thank that part of myself for wanting to keep me safe and not get too busy and over-committed, like I have been in the past, AND make decisions from a wiser part that knows what ‘too much’ is, and begin to trust myself again.

    Deep thanks for midwifing this revelation.


  5. Joy on

    Thank you. My entire being finds this message timely and nourishing. I am awesome at sharing radical love with others and world, am learning to share it with “self”…definitely requires releasing conditioning, and living fully present, celebrating the feel of abundance and spirit now.


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