This is not an end.

It’s just the beginning.

A new way of living.

A new possibility for what it is to be alive.

A change of date by itself won’t lead to a change of fate.

It’s up to us to step through the old gate.

The world will only come to an end as you know it if you are ready to surrender all that which no longer serves you.

Old systems collapsing.

Old Paradigms falling apart.

The way we have done things no longer works and the Universe is inviting us all to surrender more deeply.

In reality every day, every moment, is an opportunity for a great awakening.

No need to wait anymore. Every day is  a new chance for a shift in perception to realize more of who you really are.

So much emphasis has been put on WHERE you will be on December 21st, 2012. Whilst it’s nice to be in a sacred setting.  I feel it’s not simply about WHERE you will be physically but where you will be within your state of consciousness.

The real shift that must happen is within us all. An inner journey. A shift from ego identification to Self realization. A shift from fear to Love-inspired living. A shift from the illusion of separation to realization of our inherent oneness. We are all deeply interconnected as part of the whole.

So this December 21, 2012, what are you ready to shift within you?

What are you ready to surrender?

Perhaps, for you it is self-doubt. Or self-sabotage. Perhaps it’s addiction to suffering. Or jealousy. Perhaps, it’s self-criticism.

What is it for you?

The time now is an invitation for us all to awaken and actualize our full potential.

It’s great to visit holy shrines. It’s great to circumnavigate the sacred temples. It’s great to visit the mystical sites..  But nothing is as powerful as actually controlling your anger. Loving those that trespass against you. Forgiving those that harmed you. Or maintaining peace amidst the chaos of the world.

We are all being called to actualize the prayers and meditations of the enlightened beings who have been gestating enlightened consciousness for centuries in the mountains, and monasteries…

It’s time for us to BE it.

Then wherever you go is sacred by virtue of where you are at in your consciousness.

When you know the truth of your being, you become a living temple and your Soul’s light will shine bright as a force of love and inspiration to all those in your life.

So, WHO are you going to be on December 21st, 2012 and beyond?



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5 comments on “It’s Not About WHERE You Will Be on 12/21/12 but WHO You Will BE?!

  1. Juliana on

    Makes a lot of sense Kute !
    Who am I? Who will I be?
    Who am I choosing to be?
    What would Jesus or Buddha do?
    Or better yet, How would they be?
    Despite the chaos and violence,
    They would be Love and Peace !
    I choose to be that as well !


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