This is the year to give up procrastination and excuses. This is is the year to begin what you have been dreaming about.

You can make the best most elaborate plans.

But the hardest step to any goal is simply the first.

If you take the first step, the last step will take care of itself.

There aren’t thousands of steps in the fulfillment of your goals, there is simply ONE.

It can often be overwhelming to think of all the elements to your vision. Sometimes you might feel paralyzed by fear, thinking of everything you need to do and how it’s going to happen.

Don’t think of EVERYTHING you need to do. Simply think of the one action step that is right in front of you, right now.

Can you simply do that one action step that is NEXT for you right now?

Perhaps it’s that one phone call?

Or writing that one email?

Or doing one hour of research?

Or walking one time around the block?

It’s often said that talk is cheap. I like to think that talk is in fact very EXPENSIVE. Simply talking about your goals and visions without action will simply cost you your dreams.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking everything needs to be in place and perfect plans need to be made before you take action

Not true.

Even the best plans will change or go out of the window once you take steps along the path to your vision. As you progress, your goal will reveal to you what is needed next which you may have not been able to see from the perspective of your first step.

Even when you think you know where you are going, have you noticed more often than not you end up somewhere completely different that you planned?

And it’s often way better than you could have wished for.

So don’t think you know where you are going even when you think you know where you are going. Stay open and curious about what is seeking to happen.

Then each moment becomes a juicy surprise.

Give up the need to know.

Give up the need for the perfect plan.

Trust Life itself.

The same Intelligence that brought you into this world, knows how to fulfill itself through you and bring about the perfect unfolding of your vision.

But you must start.

Starting is the key to success.

Will 2013 be a year of best intentions and dreaming or a year of fulfillment and actualization?

The best plans, dreams, intentions mean nothing without action.

The hardest action is often the first step.

Take the first step.

Then keep taking the next first step.

There is only one step on the path to your goal.

Simply one-step over and over again.





P.S. If you are ready to catapult your 2013 and fulfill your full potential, give up excuses, and manifest your most authentic desires, join me on the journey of a lifetime July 4th – July 15th!

10 comments on “It’s 2013 and Time to LEAP!!

  1. Jean on

    Luv u lots too my friend …

    Your words reminded me of a plaque I have in one of my bathrooms
    “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be”

    Happy 2013 …looking forward to an awesome venture together and one day a Bali adventure too πŸ˜‰

  2. Joy on

    “Trust life”….”each moment becomes a juicy surprise”…Yes! Thank you for the wonderful reflection and is truly as magical as we allow it to be!

  3. Robin on

    This was like a reiteration of an inspirational conversation my dear friend Kelly Jones and I had driving from Los Angeles to Portland yesterday. I had said that uprooting from the place where I had lived my whole life was the most illogical thing I have ever done but I couldn’t quiet my heart that sang for freedom to the wind. She also, could never deny that voice even though it meant giving up certain comforts and securities. But the fact that it led us to that moment where we were feeling together this great sense of excitement and urgency to start was real. That 18 hour drive was like going from one Universe where we felt lost and less worthy, to another where we now feel invigorated and burning with self purpose! I wasn’t sure if the voice that is singing to me is me going insane, however, the synchronicity of Kelly and my conversation and your brilliant video tells me that I am finally opening to the intelligence that has always beckoned inside me. And the best part is that Kelly and I already know EXACTLY what we need to do to start this epic adventure in 2013, in fact, we realize that we have already started without even really knowing it! Thank you so much for this message, We feel it, Kute!

  4. Chrissy on

    Kute, you are SO right. Every year I have all these visions and goals and every year come and go just like the wind! So many years pass by and I am still where I was for many MANY years. It eventually becomes very depressing. All I can think of is I was supposed to do this, I am supposed to do that. And I wonder to myself how LONG do I have to wait till the doors open? I’m afraid if I take the one single step it will be like I’m about to walk off a cliff… am I going to fall or will I grow wings and fly? Ah… but waiting so long and nothing happening obviously not the answer.


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