You were born to shine.

To express your Divine gifts and the light of your love.

Yet over time the challenges of life can cause you to sometimes forget the bigness of your massive magnificence.

As children we might learn to play small in order to fit in, be approved of, and be loved. We learn to hide who we really are as a safety and survival strategy to avoid being hurt. Perhaps you felt that if you were not seen then you couldn’t be hurt, judged, or criticized. That it is safer this way, to hide your true self.

We learned to develop all sorts of masks as a way to be loved, and fit in.

What masks are you wearing?

Yes, people may have ridiculed you for being yourself. They might have judged you, not believed in you, picked on you, misunderstood you, even abused you and put you down.

Yes, it is painful.

It’s time to let go.

To continue to allow those past pains to determine who you are going to be in the present is too much of your power that you don’t need to give away unless you choose to now.

It’s not what happens when the sun shines that defines you. It’s what you do when it rains.

Are you going to choose to rise up and respond to the pains and use it for your souls gain?

There is a vulnerability in showing who you really are to the world. It is a risk to step out and say, “This is who I am!”

But to hide the real you in the closet of your fears is to be a part of the living dead.

There’s no refunds in life. Hiding and playing small serves no one.

And the “love” you get by being someone other than who you really are is never truly fulfilling… and you know it.

If you choose to be the real you fully and end up losing “friends”, consider it a blessing, for they were not truly your friends to begin with. By being yourself, everything that you built that was based on the mask that you wore will also wilt and fall away to make room for your soul’s highest expression in life.

You can have the world but if you don’t have yourself you really have nothing.

Some people will like you. Some people won’t like you. There’s not much you can do about that. The real question is “Do you like you?”!!

This is the freedom.

To live in the world and all it’s craziness with a heart wide open.

To stand in the world as yourself even when all those around you cause you to doubt and question who you are.

This is the real freedom.

Where are you hiding the fullness of you?

Where are you pretending to be someone that you are not in order to fit in?

The greatest gift that you can give the world, and the highest life purpose for you to live, is to simply be the real you.

It’s time to come out of the closet.

To show the world the true shining star that you are.

Your true light.

Not so little.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.




P.S. If you are ready to break free once and for all of the blocks that stop you from being the real you behind the mask I invite you to apply for my magical and powerful journey in Bali!! Taking place July 4th — July 15th.

P.P.S. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts regards what ways you have hidden your magnificence?

6 comments on “It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet…. (& quit hiding!)

  1. Trish Sharpe on

    Hi Kute,
    This is beautiful.
    Yes the masking that occurs to fit in when we are born into the world is big. It starts with the body and how this affects how we are: man, woman, black, white.
    I release all contraints and masks unreal with grace and ease.
    Blessings, Trish

  2. TonyaTko on

    This interview was so CUTE! I loved the audible subtitles. LOL. I do wish I could have seen a little bit more of his mask making work… from what I saw of the piece he held, it was exquisite! I would love to own one, as well as see what a traditional mask looks like.

    This was a very creative way to punctuate the point of not wearing masks, by ingeniously incorporating a mask-maker dancing to the beat of his own drum.



  3. Catherine McKinney on

    Kute, Exquisite, tears flowed as my soul reached out to hear you, and especially to hear the soul singing of the mask maker. With clarity of expression, the mask maker reveals the source of his expression, his deep, authentic expression and magnificence.
    The tears are not for the masks I hide behind, but for the lock I seemed to have placed upon my own soul’s true expression. Now I look forward to my own soul’s creative writing and voice and storytelling.
    Thank you for this inspiration. Thank you for sharing the mask maker’s path to fulfilling his art, his soul, his life.
    Slainte, Catherine

  4. Dawn on

    Awesome and truthful. I have now removed most of my masks that I have put on myself over the last 2 decades and it is liberating.

    On a separate note, is there a way I can buy one of those beautiful masks?

    Thanks for,everything

  5. Dawn on

    Awesome and truthful. I have now removed most of my masks that I have put on myself over the last 2 decades and it is liberating.

    On a separate note, is there a way I can buy one of those beautiful masks?

    Thanks for,everything


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