Looking for your life purpose is like a fish in the ocean looking for water.

It’s all around you.

Sometimes the more you seek it the less you find it.

And when you stop seeking it you may find that it finds you effortlessly.

Many of us are in a search to find  our life’s purpose and the “thing” we are here to do.

What if you gave up looking for it?

What if this very moment is your life’s purpose?

It’s not so much about what you are DOING, but who you are BEING moment to moment.

We often have grand ideas about what we think we should be doing in order to be living our life’s purpose.  As a result we wait for some great inspiration to hit us over the head or a special vision from God, or a sign from the heavens.

We wait.  We wait.  We wait.

When you put your life on hold or simply not give your gifts as fully, it’s painful.

What if you didn’t need to know the exact form of your life’s purpose in order to live it.

The real purpose of life is simply to realize and remember who you REALLY are. Who you are beyond conditioning and identity. And to be that fully.

The real purpose of life is simply to love. You don’t need a specific job, relationship, or even total clarity to be able to love. Regardless of what you are doing, where you are, or who you are with you can love.

Perhaps you are working at a job that isn’t your dream. You can still live your true life’s purpose by loving moment to moment whilst you are there. Your ability to love fully where you are now is the force that moves you closer to where you are meant to be.

When you stop looking for your life’s purpose and start living love as service to those in your life now, magic happens.

All that’s needed is that you put one step in front of the next as you go boldly in  the the direction of your heart. As you trust, then the universe will rise to your support.

Your true life’s purpose is then not something you wait to find, but something that you live into. It is the invitation that life gives you to live each moment of each day as love.

When you surrender yourself to life, then your life’s purpose lives you. You are lived by life and miracles happen.

Each moment you are alive is the purpose of your life.

Stop Seeking.

Start loving.


Love Now.


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7 comments on “How to REALLY Find Your True Life’s Purpose… Once and For All!

  1. Paula Johnson on

    Hi Kute, I particularly resonated with this one today. I love what you say about looking for the “thing” we are here to do…I’ve been spending the past couple of years trying to get out of what I’m currently “doing” (for work) and to find something that is more what my heart wants. The times my heart is happy is when I’m helping others…that’s who I am, that’s my purpose. Helping others brings me joy and fulfillment no matter where I am and what I’m doing. So now I don’t need to look for that “thing” anymore because I’m doing it anyway – just BEING me! “BEING moment to moment” Thanks Kute 🙂

  2. Melissa on

    Love you, Kute! Say it! “And if you don’t know what to do…just be moved! Move in the direction that most feels right to you. Move in the direction of your passion…” Such a powerful reminder to re-connect to our heart center, to feeling, and follow that. Not the money, not the shoulds, not the blueprint given by someone else but the blueprint revealed through our beings. Love it!

  3. Abigail on

    Thanks, Kute! You always inspire and gives assurance. Its just what I need at this stage of my life. I’ll probably keep on re-reading this until it sinks in and during those times when I find myself looking for my purpose again.

  4. 8WomenDream on

    A great test is to go into a bookstore and slow yourself to go directly to the section that draws you in. Most likely, your life-purpose is related to that subject. You know… follow you bliss.



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