When you feel as though you have given so much to those around you, and you feel that it hasn’t been reciprocated in return, it can feel unfair.

Perhaps you feel disappointed, hurt or betrayed.

You can let it close your heart, shut you down and make you bitter.

But remember this:

You cannot cheat the universe.

Everything you give and every action of loving you have taken is seen by the universe. It is seen even if no one sees it.

When you give, it may not come back to you from the people that you gave to but rest assured it will come back to you, even if from a most unexpected source.

Life sometimes blesses you in the most unusual ways and through the most unexpected people.

Stay open.

Holding onto anger is like punishing yourself for someone else’s mistake, or unconsciousness.

Nothing and no one is worth your freedom.

Yes, feel and acknowledge your anger and disappointment. But also be willing to learn from the experiences and let go.

Forgive and set yourself free.

You hold the lock and the key.

Allow karma to bless people with the fruit of their actions. It’s not your job to punish, withhold, or repay.

Life will handle it.

Instead, stay focused on living your integrity and being the best you possible.

So when you give, do so without any expectations. Give because it feels right in your heart to do so. Then you are free.

When you give, you are the one that benefits, since you develop your “muscle of loving” and compassion. When you give, you open yourself to receiving at the same level in which you gave.

Trust that you are living in an abundant universe and that you cannot out give life itself.

Look at the sun… it never says, “You owe me!”

Look at all of nature, it keeps loving you unwaveringly each day.

To hold your love back is painful.

It is your nature to love.

Love fully.



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3 comments on “Dealing With Disappointment When You Feel You Give So Much

  1. Zora on

    Ahhh, thank you so much! I really needed this, and it came just in time. In fact, I think I will come back here and watch a few more times, until it fully re-programs my mind again. Bless you!

  2. patricia on

    I love this. People’s treatment of you in life can make you shrink back and doubt yourself worth. But you my friend fulfill the saying, “We are helpers one to another.” Thank you.


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