Trying to be perfect is a sure recipe for suffering.

We are often conditioned from childhood to think that we need to be perfect in order to be loved.

We are constantly sold by the media that who we are isn’t enough. Not pretty enough, rich enough, skinny enough, or doing enough. The list is never ending.

“You are not enough” is the greatest lie we have been sold. The moment we believe this lie, suffering begins. The moment we believe this, we are enslaved.

So we strive for perfection, to be the perfect person, lover, spouse, parent. Or have the perfect body.

Trying to be perfect is a never ending and exhausting lie, where we think that IF we can be perfect, THEN we will be lovable.

We waste so much time trying to be who we think we need to be in order to be loved and accepted by others.

We waste so much time over-analyzing and procrastinating on our dreams, out of fear we won’t do it perfectly and will be judged.

The truth is that you are already perfect. Whole. And complete. You always were and will be. You were born that way, and yet through the circumstances of life, you may have forgotten this truth.

You are made of Divine inspiration and intelligence.

You are a living breathing miracle. 

Consider this:

What if there is no such thing as “perfect”?

What we might think of as perfect in one culture is defined as something completely different in another.

We live in an impermanent and constantly changing world.

If you are looking for perfection at the level of your personality, you won’t find it there. As a human being, we are imperfect creatures with patterns of conditioning, wounds, quirks and all sorts of stuff. We screw up, we forget, we make mistakes because we are human.

You were born into this human experience not to be a perfect human being who never makes mistakes, but to grow, evolve and learn.

You were born into this human experience not to be perfect but to realize the innate perfection that exists within you already.

Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking that the purpose for personal development and spiritual practice is to become a perfect person or someone who never gets upset, feels anything negative, and only thinks positive all the time.

This spiritual pressure is dangerous.

In reality, spiritual transformation is to realize that exactly as you are: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

It’s then that you learn to love yourself unconditionally. In loving yourself unconditionally, a powerful freedom is yours. You realize that there’s nothing you need to do in order to be loved. You don’t have to be more healed. Be a better person. Achieve more. Be richer.

As you accept and love yourself as you are, you connect with your inherent wholeness. In doing so, you are able to unplug from the need of other people’s acceptance, approval seeking and external validation.

Your soul is perfect. No experience that you have been through can change that. So stop thinking that you should be something or someone that you aren’t. And trust that you are on the right path.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Thinking everyone else is doing it right and you aren’t. We all have different and unique lessons to learn in this lifetime.

You are a beautiful expression of the Universe. 

You are Divine art walking around this planet. All your imperfections and craziness are part of what make you beautiful.

You are perfect. Not because you are “perfect” but simply because you ARE.



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