It’s not about how much money someone has.

Or how good looking they are.

Or how great the sex might be.

Although those things are nice.

They will fade.

When choosing a relationship, feel deeply into another’s heart and soul.

Do you feel a deep soul connection?

Does your soul come alive?

When you feel a soul connection, the fabric of your relationship is rooted on a deeper foundation, rather than surface level interests. This will help you weather some of the challenges that will arise in any relationship.

This doesn’t guarantee your relationship will work out and last forever but it’s a foundation to build on.

The right relationship isn’t always an easy relationship but one that challenges you to be your most authentic self.

You attract each person into your life because there are certain lessons that you both have to learn from each other. Your relationship is a sacred opportunity to grow. And love will bring to the surface anything that is unlike itself to be healed.

There’s no such thing as a perfect person. So if you are looking to find that, you won’t.

It’s not a question of if stuff will come up in your relationship, it’s about whether you feel that the person in front of you is the person you are inspired to commit to going through those challenges with together and supporting each other’s growth?

Relationship is about two people coming together with a commitment to serving each other’s soul’s growth.

Ask yourself:

– Do I trust this person with my heart?

– Am I inspired by who they are?

– Am I willing to commit to serving their soul’s evolution?

Sometimes you can feel the soul connection, love someone deeply and it still doesn’t work out. It can be confusing as well as frustrating.

Love by itself isn’t enough.

Compatibility is also a key.

If you are committed to different things, are at different stages of life, and going in vastly different directions you simply may not be compatible.

On the soul level you may have profound love and connection but on the personality level it just isn’t a fit.

You may be soul mates or twin flames, but it doesn’t mean they are right for you or it’s meant to be in this lifetime.

Some people just aren’t meant to be together. Your personalities are just too different. Your life purposes are not aligned. Or the kind of connection you have with them is simply not a romantic one.

So in choosing a romantic partner or choosing to stay in a relationship you are already in, sincerely ask yourself if you are compatible in the areas that are truly important and meaningful to you.

The mistake is to try and make something be what it isn’t. Feel into what the connection is between you and that person. Perhaps it’s just not your karma for a romantic relationship. When you honor that, you make space for the highest form of love to be revealed between you both.

Sometimes we have a checklist in our minds of what the perfect partner looks like, and because on paper someone matches that checklist, we think it should result in a relationship. When in reality you don’t feel it in your heart and the reality doesn’t match the fantasy.

So look for the compatibility at the level of your core values, vision and level of commitment.

Don’t hope and assume anything.

Sometimes we so want the person in front of us to be the one, that we don’t explore and communicate clearly. You must be willing to ask the tough questions and be ready to hear real answers from your partner.

It’s better to be honest and transparent up front rather than sweep the truth under the rug out of fear. If you continue in the relationship without doing so, it’s only a matter of time until what was avoided comes to the surface and likely becomes a major source of tension.

By being honest upfront and getting honest answers then you can really decide if this is a relationship that is right for you to pursue or one you want to continue in. In doing so, you are able to honor yourself and honor the other person.

You will know you are in the right relationship when you feel inspired to be more of who you are and it won’t require you to compromise your essence.

You will be challenged to grow in healthy ways and let go of all that doesn’t serve your soul.

You feel a bigger love in your heart for who this person really is, not who you want them to be.

Sometimes the right person for you won’t come in the package that you most expected. But in the form of a person that will most serve your soul’s highest evolution.

They will challenge you to expand everything you know about yourself, relationships, and love.

They are an invitation to love bigger.

They are an invitation to meet yourself.



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3 comments on “How To Choose the Right Person In a Relationship (or Know If You’re In the Right One!)

  1. Amanda on

    I cringed as I listened to this; I saw my last relationship clearly as you spoke! It was more of an addiction and when it was over I was devastated. I knew at the time, I wasn’t my whole self, but I was willing to hide, as you said, for his happiness. I thought it would spill over to me. Thank you for your messages!

  2. Cindy Fullmer on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This truth absolutely resonated with my truth–100%. I appreciate your putting my feelings into words so that I could really look at and recognize the truth of how I feel about relationship, and why I felt it was time to leave past relationships when I did. Your words and insight are straight to the core, and truly help cut away all of the confusion that can surround intimate associations. Bless you for what you are doing to shine the light for the rest of us!


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