How many times have you known something deep inside but did not trust it.

Instead you listened to your head rather than the deeper knowing of your heart.

Often times the head and the heart are not in harmony, and when you listen to only the head it leads to a great source of confusion.

One minute the head tells you one thing, then a few minutes later it tells you something else, and before you know it you end up more confused than when you began.

Living a life run by your head is limited and will misguide you out of the poetry that is each moment.

The heart has an intelligence and knows things that the head cannot know, it has a knowing beyond logic. The heart is beyond mere emotion, but rooted in deep wisdom.

There are things that you know deep down.

I often hear people say, “Kute, I know what I need to do… the truth is that I am afraid. What should I do?”.

Or after something negative happens, “I knew in my gut I should have made a different choice!”.

Sometimes we are afraid to OWN our inner-knowing, so we create the false sense of confusion for ourselves. Confusion is a game we play with ourselves to keep ourselves stuck where we are. The more you remain confused the less you need to make a choice and take action. Confusion keeps you playing small.

It can be scary to get clear and own the fact that underneath the fear and confusion you DO indeed know what to do. As you own your knowing, there are no more excuses only the courageous responsibility to follow your truth.

We avoid truly listening to our heart sometimes because we are afraid of what that might mean to be that honest. Perhaps it will mean acknowledging that your relationship needs to end, or that it is time to leave your unfulfilling job.

There is a part of you that knows everything, since at the deepest level you are everything.

When you allow yourself to listen to your heart it will guide you on the right path. Your heart has an intelligence and wisdom – even though it might not always be easy, and sometimes rather challenging, there is usually a deeper sense of peace that comes with following your true heart’s knowing.

Deep peace is living your deepest truth, rather than out of the confines of your fear.

The stress, anxiety, craziness we feel often happens because we are stuck in our heads, when in reality everything inside of us is saying something else. There is often a gap between what the head says and the heart says. The degree to which you follow only the head is the degree to which you will suffer.

To go against your true heart’s knowing is to betray yourself, and to betray yourself only leads to pain.

It is not worth it.

The head has its place, but it must serve the guidance and direction of your heart. So first feel your heart, and be 100% honest about what you know. Even if you are not ready to do anything about it right now, simply being honest about what your heart tells you is the first step.

Owning your hearts knowing is to step into your power, and to step into your power is to live authentically who you are in the world without compromising yourself.

Living with your head running the show often leads to a safe life, where you compromise who you are, living what you think you are supposed to.

Living in harmony with the head AND the heart will allow you to thrive. Tune into the heart, honor its knowing and guidance, and then use the head to assist in the fulfillment of your hearts authentic direction.

You know.

There is a deep wisdom in you.

Own it.

You are it.



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17 comments on “How to Live in Harmony with your Head and your Heart… the Key!

  1. Ruby on

    Thank you Kute. Why is it whatever I’m going through you write about? Feeling so frustrated with myself for not speaking my truth; for being disappointed by others but more importantly disappointing myself. This is the exact conflict I’m having…my heart & my head are in conflict. I know what I need to do; too chicken, too weak, too afraid to risk loosing all the good love I finally have in my life.

  2. Maria on

    Thank you, Kute! “no peace…peace” Yes! That is the key to knowing when I am following my head or my heart. If I have to convince myself of what I’m doing, or if the internal conversation has the word “should” in it, then I know it’s my head. You’re right about the deeper knowing of the heart. I just know, I mean REALLY know, and there is no conversation in my head at all. I like “mind farts!” Yes, down with mind farts! 🙂

  3. Paula Johnson on

    Hi Kute, LOVE this!! Last year I listened to my head, listened to my fear and had the worst year of my life – painful struggle and blame the whole way through. However, I made it out the other side and am grateful for those lessons. This year I am totally going with my heart and I’m experiencing EXACTLY what you talk about – deep peace and an opening up of so many unique opportunities, it’s awesome – yay!! Follow your heart, follow your dreams – it’s the ONLY way – thank you for talking about this right now, I’m going to pass it onto my friends and subscribers :-)x

  4. DALIA on

    Hi kute,

    thanks for this video, it came in at the right time. I’m experiencing a big confusion with my marriage and this video has help me realize to use my heart more than my head.

  5. Michelle on

    As it is said, “The heart has reasons all its own”, and as you say, when we have harmony between our head and our heart (with our heart’s desires leading us and the head to help us create, then we find that our lives unfold in the most amazing way. To me, this is what is means to live awakened. You are so very articulate Kute (and spot on), I love reading and listening and watching your divinely guided messages. Keep Shining!!

  6. kathy on

    hi!! kute i look forward to your videos they make you think and to me they bring peace!. for a couple of years now i have felt like their was more to life then what i was doing and feeling, in this year alone i have opened my mind and heart to my souls purpose, i feel like every day theirs a chance to grow and learn thank you for being one of the teachers of life!!!! god bless you today tomorrow and always.

  7. Flower on

    Last night I was in bed and realised how different my life would be if I listened to my heart. So it was wonderful to hear your soul speak today! THANK YOU x

  8. Jennifer on

    I think this message has a grain of truth but misses the mark.
    There are studies that the heart broadcasts stronger frequencies than even the brain. And that it acts as a first responder in situtations – that is to say if you are about to enter a fearful situation your heart responds to that before your brain is aware anything is amiss.
    I also know from experience that the heart can be wrong. That it can be confused. That it can be misled.
    An example from my life is the irrational fear of people. My heart, my entire chests constricts in fear, I feel uneasy and paralyzed. The fact that I can still work in public and carry on a normal life w/out giving in to ‘listening to my heart’ in its silly and misguided fear – well that strength has to be coming from somewhere else.
    I don’t believe that my higher all knowing consciousness is trying to communicate that I should become a shut in, hide away from people and avoid all social contact.
    Other examples: I can ‘think’ my heart into feeling wrong, good, guilty, ashamed etc and inappropriately for the situation. And anyone can. An example, I’ve seen well-intentioned people ‘guided by their heart’ into ‘fixing’ a situation they feel inappropriately guilty about, and actually doing damage where there was none originally,
    I believe the heart, like the brain and the subconscious, is a good tool that can sadly be programmed wrong and is *not* always correct in its perception.

  9. test2014 on

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