At some point we will all face challenging times.

Times that will shake you to your core.

Experiences that will test your faith.

Situations that challenge your commitment to your dream.

Heartbreak that will cause you to question your ability to love again.

Challenge is a part of life and being human.

There is no escaping. Simply accept it.

If you are in the midst of challenging times know that there is nothing wrong. You didn’t do your visualizations incorrectly, not think enough positive thoughts, or not meditate enough.

Consider that life is giving you the opportunity to let go of what is no longer in alignment with your highest most authentic self.

When things seem to fall apart it’s tempting to hold on to the old and familiar for a sense of safety.  Instead, let go and see what is truly seeking to emerge.

During challenging times it’s easy to get disheartened and lose hope. Instead keep the faith staying true to your vision.

So when faced with challenges ask yourself:

What’s the gift of this challenging time?

What are the lessons that my soul is seeking to experience?

In the future what will I look back and say was great about this moment?

Life is an opportunity to grow and evolve. This is why we are born. Every experience is an invitation to become more of who you truly are and evolve as a soul.

Challenging situations are like the gymnasium for your souls growth.

Every challenge invites you to become stronger. Every challenge invites you to expand beyond who you have been and to find out who you really are.

Know that: You wouldn’t be facing the challenge that you currently are if you weren’t ready. The fact that it’s presented itself means you are ready and already have the inner resources to deal with it.

Trust that you can handle it.

So when you are in the midst of a challenge:

– Accept the situation as it is rather than fighting or resisting it.

– Know that “This too shall pass.” Nothing, no matter how difficult lasts forever.

– Take responsibility by focusing on what you can control rather than what you can’t.

– Embrace the learning opportunity that the challenge is giving you.

– Take all the action that there is take that is in your power.

– Surrender the outcome to the Universe and let go.

When you surrender you bring yourself in the flow of grace. And open yourself to more than you could have imagined!

Challenging times are an invitation to the next level of yourself.

Challenging times are a gift to your spiritual growth.

Stop waiting for the day you have no challenges.

Don’t pray for life to get easier.

Instead growing your capacity to be stronger and deal with more of life.

You are capable of so much more than you can possibly imagine.

You can do it.



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7 comments on “How To Stay Motivated During Challenging Times

  1. Sylvia on

    Totally needed that just now. Thank you. I just wish there was a way to understanding what lesson I’m suppose to learn… Love & Light, Sylvia

    • Kute Blackson on

      Big hug Sylvia!! The lesson will come in the surrender and letting go of the known. You have strength within you… trust in the evolution that your soul is seeking. It will become clear. Sending you much love!! Keep on.

  2. Alena Eshom on

    i appreciate the value of your thoughts here. I found myself thinking that sometimes these suggestions apply, however, what about people experiencing real trauma? Would you tell them they cannot escape? Would you tell them to accept it, and ask what their souls are trying to experience? Or would you offer something different for them?

  3. Susan on

    Thank you, Kute
    I keep forgetting my problems and challenges are opportunities for my soul to grow. Thank you for reminding us to trust the process knowing that we are letting go of what no longer serves our highest good. Your words and smile inspire me.
    Love and light, Susan

  4. Yasmin on

    Well timed video,
    I feel like sometimes even when we recognize these opportunities, survive them, and reflect on their gifts, the actual experiences can be so traumatic that the fear of ever having to go through anything similar (even though we got through it before), can be quite terrifying. Last year I was without work for a considerable amount of time, and the reality of losing everything was very close. It didn’t happen, and Yes, I came through, but the emotional stress and fear really took its toll on my physical health, and Im still nearly nine months on having to work through that challenge. In physical pain, and just lost my vitality. I wish that these soul growth experiences we go through were much less scary so that they didn’t affect our physical health. Its exhausting, like your always in a state of recovery

  5. Jayney 777 on

    Kute, first and foremost, a profound thank you for being yourself and doing what you love. I consider you one of the many blessings in my life. Since I have surrendered to Life, believing that the Universe will always provide what I need when I need it, synchronicity brought you to my inbox when I needed it the most and introduced me to your work. Since then you have always had something to say that, with Life’s perfect timing, has been the support I was seeking at that time. I feel like you are accompanying me on what can sometimes seem a lonely path. Spooky, miraculous, call it what you will but I am now beginning to realise that it is just Life when, to quote you: ‘you don’t try and drive life, you just take your foot of the brake’.
    This blog post comes at a time when I have experienced what appears to be a setback and a disappointment. However I recall the words of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, ‘Delay is not denial’. So I am not worried, more curious to see where the process of going within and seeking clarity will lead. Just through receiving notification of this blog post I feel encouraged to continue my work but as yet I am not sure what form this will take so I remain open ready to take action on the insights that come.

    Now although I love you to little mimbles Kute and respect and admire you greatly, I have to take issue with something you said in this video…sorry. I don’t believe we are here so that our Soul can learn and grow. I believe that we are already whole and perfect and we are not here to grow but to remember. Then we can reveal who we really are so yes we need to learn, we need to learn how to allow ourselves to be ourselves in the midst of a society that is completely at odds with the concept that we even have a Soul. Yeah you are damn right that is challenging hahaha!

    The work I am trying to get out into the world is about how we can do that in practice. It breaks it down in a way that we can all understand. For years I heard various concepts bandied around but I didn’t really understand how to do it. I had preconceived ideas of what it meant, self-love for example, but I was wrong. Through the challenges life sent me and my willingness to learn and go through the pain barrier I had a number of ‘aha’ moments. I want to show others what I have learned. I feel passionately about freeing people from their imagined prisons of what is and what is not possible. And to quote you again, ‘if you are going to make it up, make it up good!’
    I am based in the UK but my brother lives in LA so I am ‘making it up’ that we will get to meet in person in the not too distant future. You are one of my heroes and I thank God for your irrepressible Spirit.


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