Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and stressed out that you wanted to scream??

Perhaps you were juggling so many things, handling so many responsibilities, facing an important deadline, dealing with so much sensory overload from media.

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

The feeling of overwhelm happens in these situations:

You place your attention in the future and you experience the stress of what might possibly happen in the present.

You project into the future and create a negative future fantasy about what might go wrong but hasn’t yet.

You think of everything that you need to do all at once, and it’s overwhelming.

You focus on all the things that are not in your control.

This only leads to you feeling stressed,  reactive and disempowered in the moment. And it’s what you do in the moment that determines your future.

In a moment of overwhelm, you will notice that your attention isn’t in the present moment. It’s somewhere else.

As a survival strategy, we learn from a very young age different ways to cope with our environment, one of them being to check out and not be present with reality. Perhaps parts of your childhood were painful, and so you learned to disconnect, in order to not feel the pain and as a coping mechanism.

So an important question to ask yourself is:

Where is my attention right now?

When you can be aware of your attention in any given moment, you have the ability to choose. Your degree of freedom in life will be in direct proportion with your ability to be present in the moment.

Awareness is everything.

Overwhelm is the result of not being present in the moment, but it can also be a signal that the way you have structured your life may not be supporting you in flourishing.

Look at the things you have committed to and the agreements that you made. Perhaps, you have been taking on too much and the overwhelm is the signal that you must make some changes.

Your feelings are feedback. We often try to suppress or deny them but that only keeps us stuck. Pay attention to the message of your overwhelm and reactivity, and use it to bring you more on course.

When you are fully present in the moment, the quality of your consciousness expands.

As your consciousness expands, so does your Life!



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  1. Emmanuel Guien on

    You are a true present to the world, may your soul bless us manymore times. Big love from switzerland


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