Life is so delicate and none of us know when we are going to die, yet it’s the only guarantee from the moment we are born.

Every breath is a precious gift.

Last week I was on my speaking tour in Guatemala and had the privilege of visiting a special home for kids with terminal cancer that my client started. These kids are all under 18 years old and have about 6 months or less to live. They come there to be loved, supported, and taken care of in their last days.

I had the honor of meeting 5 of the kids ranging from 5-18 years old. There were simply no words to describe how deeply my heart was moved. The young girl in the picture is Julissa, she has lost all of her eyesight due to cancer and her days are numbered. Yet the purity of her heart, the tenderness of her spirit, the strength of her soul was such an inspiration to all those around her that she meets.

We didn’t speak the same language but it didn’t matter. We just held ea
ch other’s hands, and no words were needed. Despite her challenging situation it was clear that she fully surrendered to the unfolding of her life. A beautiful peace and the grace of God’s love radiated through her
entire being even in the midst of all the pain she is going through. Despite her circumstance, she continues to love courageously and didn’t allow her circumstance to determine who she was going to be.

I felt like I was in the presence of an angel. It made me think that perhaps young souls have a contract to endure such hardships because they are here to teach us all about what is truly important.

That same weekend I found out shocking news that a friend of mine committed suicide. So I have been really feeling the rawness, the vulnerability of what it is to be human. This human experience is often quite challenging, and requires a lot of courage to live with an open heart.

Spending time with these very special children who faced death was a powerful reminder that:

  • Life is so short, and we don’t know when our time will come to an end, so don’t waste time holding onto old resentments in an effort to be right. Being right won’t make you truly happy. Forgiving fully, often this is your freedom and your power.
  • Stop focusing on the small stuff that you won’t even remember a week from now and certainly not on your death bed. What you focus on expands, so focus on what is truly important and meaningful to you. Life gives you no refunds for the time you spent worrying.
  • Spend lots of time with those you love and care for whilst they are alive. Honor them, hug them, tell them how you feel, love them with no regrets. Make sure they know how much you love them.
  • Don’t chase money but follow what lights you up. Live boldly in the direction of your passion and do what you love. You don’t take any of the material stuff with you except who you become in the process of living itself.
  • Living life to make other’s happy at the expense of yourself is a recipe for suffering. Not being who you really are will only make you miserable. It’s your life. Own it and be true to yourself. Be yourself fully. This is the greatest gift you can give the world.
  • You don’t necessarily get to control everything that happens to you in life, but you do get to choos how you will respond, and the most powerful response is how much you will love. It’s when you love that you are free. At the end of your life, it’s the only thing that will really matter. So commit to loving big.

We will all die. Not all of us truly live.

The only thing that you get to leave behind is the loving that you gave whilst you were alive.

So how do you need to live so that you have no regrets?



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7 comments on “Lessons About Living I Learned From The Dying

  1. diane harris on

    This is so uplifting and so true and a wonderful gift you are sharing with the world. We have to dare to do what is right, to do what will save our real lives and those of others – we have to have the courage to fully live and not simply be existing in the fear of not enough money or not enough of anything. All we need is love, encouragement, support, compassion, hugs, a listening ear or hand. All we need is love.
    Thank you for sharing what you do. It is hard to share the loss of a friend. What a tragic waste, like most of these youngsters sitting on the edge and instead of feeling the excitement of letting their fledgling wings take flight, plummeting instead to the earth…
    It is only enabling them to hear the truth and experience living life fully, in the moment, in good and sunny places, surrounded by animals and trees and away from their bloody mobile phones and other energy-saving technology they can find the magic and potential of the person they really are, the soul and being they were born to be… thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Gloria Taylor on

    Thank you Kute for sharing this,
    So sooooo important to remember these things as honesty tears run dowm my face.
    Thanks for stepping into your courage so boldly to put yourself out there for all of us to hear on a regular basis.

    Much Love Kute
    Singing & toning with passion

  3. Alexandra DB on

    Thank You for these Powerful insights Kute.
    There is a Mexican saying I learned in my work around Dia de los Muertos that I feel is appropriate to share at this time:
    “Que la muerte te encuentre viviendo!!” o “Que la muerte te encuentre con vida!!”
    “May death find you living!!” or “May death find you alive!!”
    Blessings to those beautiful souls who find themselves in terminal stages and still find joy and gratitude to share and spread
    Blessings to the courageous families and loved ones who share their love and compassion with them,
    Blessings to the ones creating infinite moments of compassion in every single breath
    Blessings to us all…
    May death find us living a full and beautiful Life!!

  4. Cyn on

    This is such a beautiful example and reminder of the importance of fully loving yourself unconditionally, and in turn, healing others on their life journey.
    Julissa radiates a healthy, vibrant, soul. Despite her health conditions, she stays positive. Her mind and spirit illuminate, even amid what she is faced with. What an amazing inspiration she is. Bless her sweet heart.
    Thank you Kute, and bless you, for all that you do. You are an Angel!


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